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MODULAR HANDPIECES The De Soutter Medical osteodriveTM is a versatile modular electric instrument system for small bone surgery. The handpieces are powered by a high performance, dual socket power supply providing greater surgical control and precision. MCI-270 With mini sagittal saw attachment MCI-270 With rotary bur and detachable lever MCI-270 With wire driver attachment Lever extends for optimal finger positioning Order code Power supply See page 6 for Power Console and Footswitch. See page 7 for sterilisation system.

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Order Model code DRILLING ATTACHMENTS Uses De Soutter Medical R Series burs 19460 BI-277 Low Speed Bur. Uses R Series burs 0-9000 (Bl-2xx supplied with 19470 attachment holder) Standard bur guard ,-— Long bur guard ~ w— Extra long Long bur guard Oi'Hi rodr if __ ' Oidri if Oi'd-ri 18590 QI-270 Medium speed drill ISO 1797 Typel 0-5000 Used with E-Drive 18480 Accepts 2.35mm RA shanks 9770 AV-220 Standard length 20° rotary bur 1:1 9780 AV-220 Extended length 20° rotary bur 1:1 Used with E-Drive Order code 18480 Accepts 2.35mm (3/32") R Series burs 18510 SI-270 Mini sagittal saw Uses De Soutter...

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osteodrive MCU-470 With quick release drill attachment osteodrive MCU-470 With quick release sagittal saw Handpiece Order code Speed Cannulation Power supply See page 6 for Power Console and page 7 for sterilisation system.

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Speed Cannulation Order Model Chuck code description Medium speed drill ISO 1797 Type 1 HIGH SPEED BUR 19440 BU-472 High speed bur - Uses R Series burs «T"Txj Standard bur guard - Order code 18720 — Long burguard-Ordercode 18730 RU-470 A.O. Synthes RU-471 A.O. Synthes - non reversible RU-470 Hudson/Zimmer RU-470 DHS/DCS RU-470 Hudson RU-471 Hudson - non reversible RU-470 Zimmer RU-471 Zimmer - non reversible SAWING ATTACHMENTS 18700 SU-471 Button release sagittal saw (non rotating) 0 - 22000 cpm Uses S86 type blades 18260 SU-472 Button release sagittal saw (rotating) 0 - 22000 cpm Uses S86...

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For use in trauma, hand and foot, sports medicine and spinal procedures without compromising performance. Added benefits • Simultaneous dual handpiece operation • Compatible with a range of systems already on-site, ensuring cost containment and reducing the need for multiple power sources. • On-site upgrades are easily and quickly performed using the USB port • Audible safety mode Supply voltage: 100 - 230 Vac Supply frequency: 50 - 60 Hz Input power: 300VA, 3A max. Q Tailored Performance Q Ease of use Q Intuitive design • 200+ user profiles can be stored and are easily accessed • Multi...

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STERILISATION TRAYS AND CONTAINERS I N S E R T   T R AY S Standard wire container and insert tray Set up optional tray contents 1 off MCI-270 handpiece 1 off MCU-470 handpiece 6 off MCI-270 attachments 9 off MCU-470 attachments 2 off connection cables Standard Insert tray Order code 18990 Set up optional tray contents Half size wire container and insert tray Half size Insert tray 1 off MCI-270 handpiece 6 off MCI-270 attachments 1 off connection cable Standard wire container Order code 19010 Accepts standard insert tray Half size wire container Order code 19000 Accepts half size insert tray S T E R...

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UNITED KINGDOM (INTERNATIONAL HEAD OFFICE) De Soutter Medical Limited Halton Brook Business Park, Weston Road Aston Clinton, Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 5WF Tel: +44 (0) 1296 634 000 Fax: +44 (0) 1296 634 033 Email: info@de-soutter.com AUSTRALIA De Soutter Medical Australia Pty Ltd 2/12-14 Apollo Drive, Hallam Victoria 3803 Tel: +61 (0) 3 9702 4441 Fax: +61 (0) 3 9702 4484 Email: australia@de-soutter.com ITALY De Soutter Medical Italia Localita Fornace SNC 27022 Casorate Primo - PV Tel: +39 (0) 2 9009 4098 Fax: +39 (0) 2 9009 2673 Email: italy@de-soutter.com AUSTRIA De Soutter Medical Austria...

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