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MULTIDRIVE MODULAR & DEDICATED HANDPIECES DPX-676 Sagittal saw MPX-610 Fitted with A.O. drill attachment Three position trigger function control. Forward, reverse and safe operating mode. HANDPIECE SPECIFICATION Type code Order Speed Cannulation Inlet Operating connection pressure 0 4.1 mm MPX standard 6 - 7 bar

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Order Model code DRILLING ATTACHMENTS Chuck description Final drive Cannulation speed rpm 0 mm 11780 DX-600 A.O. SynthesTM/ASIF Hex - Quick release 0 - 950 4.1 OX-600 Oscillating drill - 1300 oscillation arc STANDARD REAMING ATTACHMENTS 0 11800 RX-600 0 - 6.35 mm Jacobs Uses S22 type blades Uses S87 type blades 14400 MX-600 Mini sagittal saw - uses S83 type blades Uses S88 type blades 900 RADIOLUCENT DRILL ATTACHMENT TX-600 Accepts A.O. radiolucent drill attachment 0 - 950 PULSE LAVAGE ATTACHMENT 15820 LX-620 Accepts P20 Series pump kits WIRE/PIN DRIVER ATTACHMENT 17250 WX-630 Wire driver...

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ERGOPLUSTM MODULAR HANDPIECES EPV-220 Fitted with rotary bur attachment EPV-220 Fitted with sagittal saw attachment EPV-221 Fitted with angled wire drive attachment The fully adjustable lever rotates, offering improved usability and ergonomics. EPV-220 operating lever extends for optional finger positioning. Order code Operating pressure Foot pedal Type code

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Order code Chuck description Final drive speed rpm 15960 DV-225 High speed drill A.O. ROTARY BUR ATTACHMENTS 14620 QV-220 Medium speed drill ISO 6360 QR Accepts all 2.38 mm (3/32") burs Uses R Series burs Long bur guard Order code 14810 Metal cutter - includes splash hood Accepts metal cutter R60-201 E-Fitting adaptor Used with AV-220 angle rotary bur 200 Contra-angle rotary bur 1:1 Used with E - Fitting adaptor 14590 9770 AV-220 Standard length 200 rotary bur 1:1 9780 AV-220 Extended length 200 rotary bur 1:1 200 Contra-angle rotary bur 1:1 Used with E - Fitting adaptor 14590 2.5 mm stroke...

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MODULAR HANDPIECES MPZ-450 Fitted with sagittal saw attachment MPZ-451 for foot pedal operation MPZ-450 Fitted with quick release drill attachment MPZ handpiece See page 9 for foot wash cap pedal specifications HANDPIECE SPECIFICATION Control Type code Order code Speed

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Order code DRILLING ATTACHMENTS Model Chuck description Final drive speed rpm ^MMp 15040 DZ-450 Hudson/Zimmer Combi 15800 QZ-450 Medium speed drill ISO 6360 QR Accepts all 2.38 mm (3/32") burs Uses R Series burs A.O. Synthes™ /ASIF/PROTEK Hudson/Zimmer Sagittal saw Uses S85 type blades Sagittal saw - quick release Uses S88 type blades Reciprocating saw Uses S92 type blades Uses S22 type blades cycles/min drill attachment Pulse lavage attachment 0 - 1100 Uses P20-7XX Series pump kits pulses/min Wire driver - gold nose 0 - 1100 Pin driver - silver nose 0 - 1100 Ask for Stericut® catalogue for...

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pneumatic instruments - 8

D33-100 Oscillating! saw D36-100 Wire driver Handpiece wash cap Order code 8110 HANDPIECE SPECIFICATION Function Type Order Speed code code Wire capacity/ Air supply Accessories cannulation operating pressure Reciprocating saw D34-100 Wire driver D36-100 Stericut R Series burs Stericut S92 saw blades Stericut S92 saw blades Stericut S92 saw blades Stericut K wires and guides

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pneumatic instruments - 9

Mains power cord sets - 3 metres long. Please specify MPZ Wash Assist air hose sub assembly PNEUMATIC INSTRUMENT ACCESSORIESIPV-220 IRRIGATION PUMP Used with EPV-220 or EPV-221 via air foot pedal. • Fully disposable irrigation kits. • Simple 'clip-on set-up. • 4 function settings. • Variable flow rate. • Removable pump head for cleaning. Input - 240Vac, 120Vac and 110Vac Order code 8290 Order code 8300 Order code 8310 Order code 8320 Order code 14700 Detects small amounts of air flow in the exhaust to start the pump. Fits simply between the air hose connecting to the EPV-221 and the air...

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pneumatic instruments - 10

AIR STERNUM SAWS DPC-470 offers the same innovative functionality as the battery sternum saw. A single piece, twist and click, micro adjustable blade guard provides quick and efficient use with optimum control of the cutting direction. For revision sternotomies, the DPX-170 oscillating saw handpiece is also offered. Simple twist and click sternum blade guard for quick and efficient use. HANDPIECE SPECIFICATION Model Order code Speed Stroke Operating Sternum guard Model Order code Speed Oscillating arc Operating

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pneumatic instruments - 11

PLX-620 Fitted with P20 pump kit Type Length Order code less suction ECO Pulse pump kits simply “click" into any pLx rotary handpiece Up to 60% less clinical waste, helping to conserve valuable hospital storage by up to 50%. with suction Bone cleaning 10 cm P20-125 with suction Femoral canal 25 cm P20-122 less suction Femoral canal 25 cm P20-123 with suction Bone cleaning nozzle pattern Femoral canal 25 cm (high capacity) with suction =a Soft tissue nozzle pattern Femoral brush 25 cm with suction All pump kits are supplied with nozzles and 3 metres of tubing. Suction tubing is supplied with...

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pneumatic instruments - 12

STERILISATION EQUIPMENT S TA N D A R D   C O N TA I N E R A N D U N I V E R S A L   T R AY Universal sterilisation case and tray Order code: 9350 Universal tray Order code: 631343 Lid Order code: 630843 Base Order code: 630833 Blue mat Order code: 616153 Will accept all standard trays Wire sterilisation container and lid. Order code 655073 Accepts both sterile and aseptic insert trays S T E R I L E   F I L T E R E D   C O N TA I N E R Order code 17410 Accepts standard or wire container plus tray Filter paper - single use pack of 100 Order code 657243 Security tag, pack of 100 Order code...

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pneumatic instruments - 13

Washing cap for MPX, SPX and DPX handpieces Order code 608073 M U LTI D RIVE™ PNEUMATIC SYSTEM Set up and insert tray Order code Insert tray silicone mat - Order code 616153 * Refer to page 10 D30 Series handpieces Order code 7540 Washing cap for D30 Series and PLX handpieces ™ Order code 8110 nd other items are for illustration purposes only.

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pneumatic instruments - 14

WASH ASSIST AIR HOSES The Wash Assist co-axial hose system is recommended where machine washing of air hoses is demanded. By releasingthe probe end from hose, which is retained on the hose via the rubber strap, the hose ends can be joined and sealed prior to washing. Complete hose length - Order code 3 metre

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