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Powered instruments

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powered instruments ... for precision small bone surgery

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MODULAR HANDPIECES ECV-220 Corded electric handpiece with sagittal saw attachment EPV-220 and ECV-220 operating lever extends for optional finger positioning. ECV-221 Corded electric handpiece with angled wire drive attachment Fully adjustable lever rotates offering improved usability and ergonomics. HANDPIECE SPECIFICATIONS Corded electric drive Control method Type code Order code Speed    Power supply Lever    ECV-220    1284334    0 - 35000 rpm    4 metre cable from power supply Foot pedal    ECV-221    1284224    0 - 35000 rpm    4 metre cable from power supply See page 5 for PC-450...

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MPZ-450 Air operated handpiece with sagittal saw attachment MULTIDi MCZ-450 Corded electric handpiece with quick release drill attachment MPZ Handpiece wash cap Order code 9950 MPZ-451 for foot pedal operation HANDPIECE SPECIFICATIONS Corded electric drive Control method Type code Order code Trigger    MCZ-450    1284004 See page 5 for PC-450 power supply. Air operated Control method Type code Order code Trigger    MPZ-450    226414 See page 10 for 'Wash Assist' air hose system. Power supply 4 metre cable from power supply Air supply operating pressure 6 - 7 bar 6 - 7 bar

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Order    Chuck    Model    Speed Cannulation code    description    rpm    mm QUICK RELEASE DRILL ATTACHMENTS Medium speed drill ISO 6360 QR QZ-450    0 - 7000 Accepts all 2.38 mm (3/32") burs Uses R Series burs SAWING ATTACHMENTS Uses S85 Series saw blades    cycles/min 14230    Sagittal saw - quick release NZ-450    0 - 21000 Uses S88 Series saw blades    cycles/min Uses S92 Series saw blades Uses S22 Series saw blades drill attachment Uses P20-7XX Series pump kits    pulses/min

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Dual socket power supply 4 metre cable used with MCZ and ECV handpieces. Order code 12850 Power supply with irrigation pump. Order code For use with model types Power supply Power supply with irrigation Input - 230Vac, 120Vac and 100Vac. Mains power cord sets - 3 metres long. Please specify from options below UK Euro US/Canada Australia/New Zealand Swiss Order code: 8290 Order code: 8300 Order code: 8310 Order code: 8320 Order code: 14700

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Model Order Used    Maximum    Operating features code with    bag capacity • Fully disposable irrigation kits • Simple 'clip-on' set-up • 4 function settings • Variable flow rate • Removable pump head for cleaning or (bag not supplied) EPV-221 via foot pedal Input - 230Vac, 120Vac and 100Vac. Mains power cord sets - 3 metres long. Please specify from options below Euro    Order code: 8300 US/Canada    Order code: 8310 Australia/New Zealand    Order code: 8320 I PS-220 IRRIGATION PUMP SENSOR Detects small amounts of air flow in the exhaust to start the pump. Fits simply between the air hose...

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Irrigation hose kit for use with ECV-220 and ECV-221 fitted with rotary bur. Order code T10-100. Ask for Stericut R catalogue for range of rotary burs. ECV-220 fitted with rotary bur and T10-100 hose kit. FOOT CONTROLS F O OT S W I TC H F O R E C V- 2 2 1 Model Order code FS-220 Operating features • • • • Forward, reverse and safe mode selection A or B power output socket selection Variable speed selection to ECV-221 via pedal Foot guard protects against accidental actuation Used with ECV-221 handpiece controlled through either PC-450 or PC-451 power supply units. Order code Foot pedal inlet...

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AIR OPERATED HANDPIECE SPECIFICATIONS Function    Type code Order code    Speed    Wire    Air supply    Accessories capacity/cannulation operating pressure Stericut R series burs Stericut S92 saw blades Stericut S92 saw blades Stericut S92 saw blades Stericut K wires and guides See page 10 for 'Wash Assist' air hose system.

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STERILISATION CASES Optional tray contents Attachments Container and tray Order code Tray only Order code 5 off Ergoplus attachments 8 off Multidrive attachments 2-off Cable Order code 12850 5 off Ergoplus attachments 8 off Multidrive attachments 1-off Hose See opposite page for hose options Will accept standard container and tray All container materials: Aluminium container and aluminium lid. Size: 538 mm x 254 mm x 142 mm. DIN compatible. Filter paper - single use. Pack of 100 Order code 657243 Security tag. Pack of 100 Order code 657253 Sterile indicator label. Pack of 100

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The Wash Assist co-axial hose system is recommended where machine washing of air hoses is required. By releasing the probe end from the hose, which is retained on the hose via the rubber strap, the two hose ends can be joined and sealed prior to machine washing. 4 metre hose - Order code 5 metre hose - Order code 3 metre hose - Order code Other probe connectors are available on request. Ask for Stericut R catalogue sheets for De Soutter Medical’s wide range of drills, rotary burs, saw blades and K-Wires. Stericut R disposable precision cutting accessories save time and help cost containment...

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UNITED KINGDOM (INTERNATIONAL HEAD OFFICE) GERMANY UNITED STATES OF AMERICA De Soutter Medical USA, Inc. 224 Rolling Hill Road, Suite 12A Mooresville, NC 28117 Tel: +1 (704) 655 9040 Fax: +1 (704) 987 2035 Email: usa@de-soutter.com

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