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Cirona® 6300

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Cirona™ 6300 Deep Vein Thrombosis Prevention Therapy System Product Overview The Cirona™ 6300 is a portable DVT compression therapy pump Portable: Suitable to use while on the go or at home that works by applying intermittent pressure to the patient’s limbs affected by DVT. This therapy mimics the body’s natural muscle contractions which can help increase blood circulations and decrease venous pressure. It may also Convenient: Comes with rechargeable batteries that may last for up to 8 hours of treatment reduce wound healing time and can aid in the treatment of stasis dermatitis, venous stasis ulcers, and chronic venous Simple: Easy to use one button operation insufficiency. The Cirona™ 6300 can be used in ambulatory, post-operative, and home care settings. Comfortable: Adjustable sleeves are made of soft, breathable fabric Device Specifications: Weight: AC/DC Adapter: AC Input: 100~240 Volts, AC 50/60Hz, 500mA MAX DC Output: 5V 2A (2 Plugs) Operation Mode: Battery Type: Lithium battery 3.7v 1350mAh (rechargeable) Charging Time: Default Pressure: Rest Period: 3 Hours 50 mmHg ± 5 mmHg 50 seconds Manufactured for Devon Medical Products © 2016 Devon Medical Products 866.446.0092 1100 First Avenue • King of Pruss

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