DuoMAG MP-Dual


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DuoMAG MP-Dual - 1

Advanced Dual-Monophasic magnetic stimulator for clinical and research use.

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DuoMAG MP-Dual - 2

DUAL-MONOPHASIC STIMULATOR Product Specification: MAGNETIC ISTIMULATOR DUOMAG MP-Dual DuoMAGMP-Duai combines two DuoMAG MP units to provide fully programmable paired pulse stimulation through a single stimulating coil. By controlling the pulse intervals and power level of each DuoMAG MP, it is possible to provide precise sub- and supra-threshold conditioning and test pulses. This is useful for the investigation of Inter-Cortical and Intra-Cortical Inhibition and Facilitation. The inter-stimulus interval (ISI) of the two pulses is adjustable with the following methods: The first is via the...

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