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TruTrace* ADVANTAGES Deymed Engineering Advantages ^med manufactures reliable and high-quality neurodiagnostic and neurocare systems. Our goal is to advance the Neurology and Neurophysiology fields to new heights with engineering innovation. All Deymed Neurocare systems are designed for ease-of-use and durability with advanced features that simplify your work. Product Specification: Read below to learn ofjust a few engineering advantages that set Deymed apart: Battery Operated with Intelligent Charging - Offering the highest signal quality possible and lasting months on a single charge, Deymed systems significantly reduce artifacts and outside noise by running 100% on batteries. Intelligent Charging Deymed's new ultra-low capacitance induction charging keeps the batteries full when the system is not in use. This ensures the highest quality signal possible with full battery operation during sensitive neurophysiology tests. High Sample Rates and DSP - Designed with Digital Signal Processor technology, Deymed systems can sample at very high sample rates while changing any parameter on the fly digitally. DSP offers numerous advantages over standard analog processing. • Analog time constant 3.2, 0.32, 0.02 • Analog sampling frequency 50 kHz per channel • IMR 140 dB* • Differential input impedance 10 GO parallel to 25 pF • EP amplifiers: Internal hardware channel switching for ease of use. • TTL inputs: 2 * Battery Powered Devices use IMR instead of CMRR Audio Stimulator: Electrical Stimulator: Fiber Optical Isolation - Optical isolation greatly improves signal quality and patient safety. This feature combined with long-lasting battery operation, offers the best-inclass technology for neurophysiological recordings. • Stimulation steps 1 dB • Polarity positive, negative, • Stimulation type click, burst, tone or programmable alternating, bi-phasic • Polarity rarefaction, condezation or alternate • Impulse duration 50 ps to 1 ms • Masking Contralateral, Ipsilateral • Masking intensity 0 to 120 dB • Max. stim. frequency 250 Hz Click N' Go Portability ■ Easily detach your system from the cart with a single click and be on-the-go with a laptop. You are no longer forced to choose between a hospital cart ora portable system. You can now have both in one. System Configurations email: TruTrace Traveler Configuration: Laptop and Traveler with up to two EMG or Stimulator Headboxes. Model: TruTrace EMG PT Types: PT2, PT4, PT8 Other Deymed products: Technically advanced EEG system built J; for demanding clinical and research use. The system can be configured as a portable clinical or long term monitoring station. Advanced wireless polysomnographic system including infra-red HD video „ monitoring and full 10/20 EEG recording. Clinical grade Neurofeedback system *, designed for clinicians wishing to use the highest standard for Neurotherapy. TruTrace FlexiCart Configuration: FlexiCart with integrated computer and up to four EMG or Stimulator Headboxes. Model: TruTrace EMG CL Types: CL2, CL4, CL8, CL16 DuoMAG MP-Dual Dual-Monophasic magnetic stimulator for clinical and research use. Deymed Original Accessories rTMS stimulator for therapy, research and diagnostic use. World-Wide Support & Service Ultra-portable EEG for ambulatory monitoring and home video telemetry including build-in infra-red and wireless functionality. It is possible to connect a Deymed TruScan EEG or SomniPro PSG headbox to any of these configurations. Complete line of accessories for clinical use Phone, Email and Remote Desktop Support for Superior Service MODERN CLINICAL

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The first ever battery powered EMG system offering the highest quality nerve conduction, EMG and EP examinations. System Features: Fully battery operated with Intelligent Charging for superior signal quality Intuitive "Dashboard Style" interface Ergonomic and full function EMG keyboard for ease of use Store, playback and review hours of EMG recordings Customizable summary reports for all tests in MS Word Instant portability with Click n' Go feature Quick impedance check during any test HL7 and network capabilities option Custom Deymed hospital cart with integrated silent computer Multiple...

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