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PRODUCT CATALOG DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH Alte Strasse 9 · 65558 Holzheim | Germany Phone +49 6432 9146-0 · Fax +49 6432 9146-32 info@diasys.de · www.diasys-diagnostics.com DIASYS DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS CLINICAL CHEMISTRY IMMUNOTURBIDIMETRIC TESTS CALIBRATORS · STANDARDS · CONTROLS · SUPPLEMENTARY REAGENTS INSTRUME

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TERMS & CONDITIONS period. The Buyer shall be responsible for any shipping costs incurred for the return of the goods. The recovery of these goods through the Supplier constitutes a withdrawal from the contract. The Supplier shall be entitled to liquidate these goods. The proceeds from the liquidation are offset against the amounts owed to the Supplier by the Buyer, after the Supplier has subtracted a reasonable amount for the liquidation costs. 12.4. The Buyer may use the goods subject to retention of title and resell these within the course of normal business, provided he is not in...

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RELIABLE DIAGNOSES In 1991, DiaSys Diagnostic Systems emerged as pioneer in the field of liquid-stable reagents and since then has developed to an established provider of diagnostic solutions for the clinical laboratory. DiaSys develops, manufactures and markets diagnostic systems of outstanding quality. Laboratories, hospitals, and physicians in more than 100 countries trust in DiaSys quality products and services. Since its foundation, the independent company has introduced more than ninety liquid-stable reagents for routine and special diagnostics complemented by calibrators and...

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System Solutions for the Well-being of Patients DIAGNOSTIC FIELDS Atherosclerosis Immune System Blood Donation Drug Monitoring Bone Metabolism

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Iron Metabolism Metabolic Parameter Lipid Metabolism

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QUALITY DIAGNOSTICS FOR POINT OF CARE The extensive range of DiaSys QDx products comprises reagents and devices for various parameters as e.g. for cardiac or anemia diagnostics for near patient testing. All QDx POC tests offer reliable laboratory precision, are easy to handle in daily routine and guarantee quick turnaround time to results. Learn more on QDx products from DiaSys India www.diasys.in – Unleash Your Potential THE DEDICATED SOLUTION FOR VETERINARY IVD Veterinary laboratories need to be highly efficient and economical at the same time in order to succeed in today’s competitive...

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CONTENTS    PAGE • Calibrators • Standards • Controls    39 •    Kits for    Selectra systems -    Ecoline®    91

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CLINICAL CHEMISTRY USER FRIENDLY REAGENTS FOR RELIABLE RESULTS The DiaSys clinical chemistry portfolio comprises more than 50 ready-to-use reagents for routine and specialty diagnostics with outstanding performance and optimized stability. DiaSys clinical chemistry reagents are offered in various vials and kits for manual and automated use on a wide range of common clinical chemistry analyzers. Reagents, optimized and dedicated applications, standardized calibrators, customized control material and the respective analyzers as system solution cover all challenging requirements in daily lab...

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CLINICAL CHEMISTRY ALAT (GPT) FS (IFCC mod.)    • IFCC recommended procedure Linearity up to 600 U/L (may vary according to specific applications) Wavelength 340, 334 or 365 nm Kits for respons®, kits for BioMajesty®, Multi-purpose kits, System kits, kits for Selectra Calibrator: TruCal U Controls:    TruLab N, TruLab P Supplementary reagent: Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate FS Albumin FS    • Bromocresol green method Product code 1 0220..*    • Linearity up to 6 g/dL • Wavelength 546 nm, 540 - 600 nm Kits for respons®, kits for BioMajesty®, Multi-purpose kits, System kits, kits for...

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CLINICAL CHEMISTRY 12    * For order information, please refer to pages 67 to

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CLINICAL CHEMISTRY Product ATP Hexokinase FS    • Indirect indicator for survival rate of erythrocytes Product code 1 6201..*    • Determination of ATP in erythrocyte concentrates and other sample material • Linearity up to 370 |umol/dL • Wavelength 340, 334 or 365 nm Multi-purpose kits Standard:    ATP Standard FS • Enzymatic test using highly stable synthetic NADH analog • Linearity up to 50 mmol/L • Wavelength 405 or 415 nm Kits for respons®, kits for BioMajesty®, Multi-purpose kits, System kits Standard:    Bicarbonate Standard FS Control:    TruLab Bicarbonate (one level) Bilirubin...

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CLINICAL CHEMISTRY Bilirubin Auto Total FS    • DCA method Product code 1 0811..*    • Linearity up to 30 mg/dL • Wavelength 546 nm, 540 - 560 nm Kits for respons®, kits for BioMajesty®, Multi-purpose kits, System kits, kits for Selectra Calibrator: TruCal U Controls:    TruLab N, TruLab P Bilirubin Jendrassik-Grof FS Product code 1 0849..* • Measurement of total and direct bilirubin • Linearity up to 10 mg/dL • Wavelength: direct bilirubin 546 nm total bilirubin 578 nm Kits for Selectra, Multi-purpose kits Controls:    TruLab N, TruLab P Calcium AS FS    • Arsenazo III method Product code...

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CLINICAL CHEMISTRY Product Calcium P FS Product code 1 1181.. Phosphonazo method Serum, plasma or urine Linearity up to 25 mg/dL Wavelength 660 nm, 700/800 nm (bichromatic) Chloride 21 FS Product code 1 1221..* Cholesterol FS 5' Product code 1 1350..* Kits for respons®, kits for BioMajesty®, Multi-purpose kits, System kits Calibrator: TruCal U Standard:    Calcium Standard FS Controls:    TruLab N, TruLab P, TruLab Urine (two levels) • Advanced colorimetric test • Measuring range 40 - 170 mmol/L • Wavelength 340/660 nm (bichromatic) Kits for respons®, Multi-purpose kits Calibrator: TruCal...

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