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LED technology neutral and shadowless, non-polymerizing A CRI (Colour Rendering Index) factor of 80 points, together with temperature colour of 5,400 K and a white beam having a maximum brightness of 35,000 lux, ensures a perfect perception of the illuminated area colour. Our 3 level intensity regulating system ensures that the light source can be used even without non-polymerizing filters(1). long life span, low consumption and lack of noise The LED technology is synonymous of lack of heat and noiselessness. The fan cooling of the light is no longer requested. Aster-Plus consumes up to 10...

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Installation sets Mounts and/or adapters to be ordered separately. Request the specific brochure. chair unit Accordance with 93/42 EEC Medical devices directive Light beam dimension Colour temperature Ultra violet radiation Infrared radiation Life cycle Chair unit Application field Dermatology (Wood lamp) Without touch switch With touch switch ASTERPLUS + D + M + LED + T + 9010 = ASTERPLUSDMLEDT9010 How to order Specify the required configuration by adding the single articles. ASTERPLUSDMLEDT9010 is the complete code for ordering an Aster-Plus lamp with: dental light beam (D) - ceiling...

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DID PLUS DID PLUS designs and manufactures high technology products for the medical, dental and lighting markets worldwide. Nowadays DID PLUS is a brand of Calzavara s.p.a., a consolidated industrial entity, synergic and unique in terms of organization, quality and innovation. Calzavara, founded in 1976, acquired over 30 years of know-how in the domestic and internationals telecommunication and energy markets. DID PLUS headquar ters in Basiliano DID PLUS S.S. Pontebbana, 103 33031 Basiliano ITALY ph. +39.0432 832908 o u r med ic a l pro du c ts • lamps • arms • monitors • pan

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