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Hydra - 2

Hydra, innovation in the tradition “There is nothing immutable, except the need of change” (Eraclito) Drotops armatus, a trilobite coming from the Moroccan Devonian rocks (395 million years ago). The Trilobites were sea arthropods living between 520 and 250 million years ago. They were a highly diversified species living in several sea environments. Protected by a calcium carbonate exoskeleton, they were often provided with an excellent sight, like Drotops, as well as by an highly variable and original shape. Rugged, efficient, adaptable, elegant... Hydra

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Hydra - 3

Developed with support from a professional team, the Hydra lamp stands out through its ergonomic shape with exclusive design. Hydra offers extreme ease of using which allows the beam of white light to be pointed in any direction. The third movement of the lamp, in fact, supported by the new handle, which can be dismantled and sterilised, allows the beam of light to be directed fast, easily and accurately. The beam of neutral white light (4,700 K) is perfectly focused, with maximum luminosity of over 35,000 Lux without infrared emission. A full range of accessories means Hydra can be...

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Hydra - 4

DesIgn AnD eRgOnOmICs Handiness Our lamps have been designed focusing attention to the ergonomics. The handle, which can easily be dismantled, is made in materials which allow sterilisation in an autoclave. The third movement allows an easy hold and a quick and precise positioning of the light beam. Italian design The Hydra project has been created by an Italian design studio having years of experience working international brands. Customizations Design also means working with a product close to everybody’s needs and suitable with its own lifestyle. Therefore Hydra offers several options,...

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Hydra - 5

InstAllAtIOn sets Mounts and/or adapters to be ordered separately. Request the specific brochure. chair unit teCHnICAl sPeCIfICAtIOns Dental Accordance with 93/42 EEC Medical devices directive Light beam dimension Colour temperature Ultra violet radiation Infrared radiation Average bulb life Chair unit Without touch switch With touch switch Application field HOw tO O R D eR Specify the required configuration by adding the single articles. HYDRADM17VT9010 is the complete code for ordering a Hydra lamp with: dental light beam (D) - ceiling installation (M) - 17 Volts AC (17V) - touch switch...

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Hydra - 6

DID Plus DID Plus is an Italian firm involved for years in the development of high-tech components for the dentistry, medical and industrial markets. In 2011 DID Plus was taken over by Calzavara Group and became one of its brands. The new owner radically reorganised operations and management with very positive results for the Group’s synergies and the development of innovative product lines. Our mission is to offer customers the skill gained in lighting systems with LED technology, in moving mechanical arms and in industrial components. Our strength lies in customer satisfaction via...

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