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Iride, the success in the evolution “The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky / Are also on the faces of people passing by” (Somewhere over the rainbow, Louis Armstrong) “Elidoceras”, iridescent ammonite coming from Jurassic rocks of Madagascar (180 millions years ago). The ammonites are cephalopod mollusks appeared around 400 millions years ago and became extinct at the end of Cretacean period (65 millions years ago). Presenting a wide variety of shapes and dimensions, the ammonites spread in different seas. Protected by a shell enshrouded generally in a spiral form, they were...

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ride is state of the art LED technology for scialytic lamps.Thanks to an innovative system of lenses with 18 LED light sources, Iride provides a beam of light with wide scialytic effect, shadow-free, configurable with two different patterns from 18 to 30 cm in diameter. The light emitted by Iride is white and natural, with a CRI (Ra) of 90 points and a maximum brightness of 60,000 Ix, which does not strain the eye and does not detract from operator concentration. To guarantee perfect perception of the illuminated area, Iride provides the use of three different color temperatures: 3.800K,...

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lIgHt teCHNology Scialytic effect The effective optical efficiency of the Iride lamp is based on an innovative lens system with 18 LED sources that ensures a beam of light with wide scialytic effect that is shadow-free. Colour temperature adjustment The light beam emitted by Iride is white and natural. For perfect perception of the illuminated area in every situation, the color temperature is adjustable and customisable with three different settings: 3.800K, 4.300K, 5.000K. A CRI factor (Color Rendering Index) of 90 points and maximum brightness of 60,000 lx finally are the guarantee of a...

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INstAllAtIoN sets Mounts and/or adapters to be ordered separately. Request the specific brochure. chair unit teCHNICAl sPeCIfICAtIoNs Product Accordance with Light beam dimension Two adjustments available: 18 and 30 cm (diameter) Five adjustments available: min 6,000 - max 60,000 lx Colour temperature Three adjustments available: 3.800K, 4.300K, 5.000K Ultra violet radiation Infrared radiation Life cycle Application field Dental, medical, podiatry Chair unit Switch Without touch switch HoW to o R D eR Specify the required configuration by adding the single articles. IrIdeAM18LN9010 is the...

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DID Plus DID Plus is an Italian firm involved for years in the development of high-tech components for the dentistry, medical and industrial markets. In 2011 DID Plus was taken over by Calzavara Group and became one of its brands. The new owner radically reorganised operations and management with very positive results for the Group’s synergies and the development of innovative product lines. Our mission is to offer customers the skill gained in lighting systems with LED technology, in moving mechanical arms and in industrial components. Our strength lies in customer satisfaction via...

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