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Lynx, the evolution of the species “Nothing is created or destroyed, but merely transformed” (Antoine Lavoisier) Carcharodon megalodon tooth fossil, 23 million years old, found in Miocenian rocks of South Carolina (USA). It is the biggest shark ever existed, the ancestor of the white shark. It could reach 17 meters in length and a weight of 45 tons. Voracius predator, he could eat more than 8 tons of meat every day. Carcharodon megalodon appears in the Eocene epoch about 55 million years ago and his extinction is still wrapped in mystery: so that the hypothesis of the existence of very few...

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Developed with support from a professional team, the Lynx LED lamp stands out through its ergonomic shape with exclusive design: soft and balanced lines without corners and sharp edges. The design took into account the aesthetic factor without undermining ease of using and of cleaning. The third movement of the lamp unit, supported by the new handle, which can be dismantled and sterilized, also allows the beam of light to be directed fast, easily and accurately. Lynx emits a perfectly focused neutral white light with a CRI factor of 80 points and maximum luminosity of 40,000 Lux. The...

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leD teChNologY Neutral and shadowless The Lynx lamps optical efficiency is based on an innovative design of the Fresnel lenses integrated with property electronics. These technical elements ensure a neutral, focalized and shadowless light, with a maximum colour temperature of 5,400 K. Non-polymerizing Our continuous luminous intensity regulating system ensures that the light source can be used even without non-polymerizing filters(2). White light and natural colours A CRI (Colour Rendering Index) factor of 80 points, together with a white beam having a maximum brightness of 40,000 lux,...

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INstAllAtIoN sets Mounts and/or adapters to be ordered separately. Request the specific brochure. chair unit teChNICAl sPeCIfICAtIoNs Dental Accordance with 93/42 EEC Medical devices directive Light beam dimension Power Light intensity at 70 cm CRI Led Colour temperature Ultra violet radiation Infrared radiation Life cycle Chair unit Application field Without touch switch With touch switch Dermatology (Wood lamp) how to oR D e R Specify the required configuration by adding the single articles. LYNXDMLEDT9010 is the complete code for ordering a Lynx lamp with: dental light beam (D) - ceiling...

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DID Plus DID Plus is an Italian firm involved for years in the development of high-tech components for the dentistry, medical and industrial markets. In 2011 DID Plus was taken over by Calzavara Group and became one of its brands. The new owner radically reorganised operations and management with very positive results for the Group’s synergies and the development of innovative product lines. Our mission is to offer customers the skill gained in lighting systems with LED technology, in moving mechanical arms and in industrial components. Our strength lies in customer satisfaction via...

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