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Exprt™ Precision System


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Exprt™ Precision System - 1

PRECISION SYSTEM >Welcome to the Revolution The Exprt™ Precision System-Revision Knee redefines total knee arthroplasty, providing advanced technology that translates into greater efficiency in the operating suite. The system's streamlined, compact design reduces turn times, minimizes waste, and has proven implant design technology - all at 40-70% the cost of comparable knee revision systems. > EXPRT Features: Built in Augments 4mm distal and posterior augments built into femoral component compensate for bone loss Modular Stem Extensions (Straight) 75mm straight and 65mm tapered stems may be used interchangeably on the femur and tibia Single Radius Design 4 asymmetric femoral sizes with anatomic single radius to provide stability and flexibility Reduced wear e+ poly is formulated to reduce long-term wear and neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals Full Tibial Augment 10mm optional augment compensates for bone loss Modular Stem Extensions (Tapered) Threaded stem extensions for a stable construct Thicker Baseplates 4 tibial sizes and 4 symmetric 6mm tibial baseplates

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Exprt™ Precision System - 2

Value Driven Innovation The Exprt™ Revision Knee features two instrument trays vs. competitors’ eight trays, saving valuable time and space in the operating room. Instrumentation: • Only 2 Instrument Trays for the back-table • Same Distal/ Tibial Cutting Guide • One self-centering reamer for both femoral and tibial prep

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