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A COMPLETE RANGE OF SOLUTIONS FOR BONE DENSITOMETRY... DMS is the european leader for bone densitometry equipement. Our products are designed and manufactured in France to give experts and patients an optimal diagnostic experience. Our product range includes multiple technologies to meet all different market needs. The STRATOS DR is a high-end device using 2D-FAN BEAM technology to perform fast and high image quality examinations. It provides a comfortable diagnostic experience for both patients and practitioners. The STRATOS has established itself as the complete DXA solution for bone...

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BODY COMPOSITION ...AND BODY COMPOSITION ANALYSIS MULTI-SITE Lean and fat composition results are available on several site of the body, for full body mapping: left leg, right leg, left arm, right arm, left ribs, right ribs, T-spine, L-spine, pelvis. Thanks to a large scan area, the whole body analysis provides an abundant panel of information about body composition. POWERFUL METABOLIC TOOLS Based on years of research, our engineers have developped sophisticated calculation tools, to quickly measure fat and lean tissue percentage and distribution in the body. In addition to these...

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S T R AT O S D R The Stratos DR is a high-end device providing excellent image quality and making fast exams accessible to all bone densitometry practitioners. WIDE APPLICATIONS Based on a 256-element multi-array detector, the 2D-Fan Beam is a technology designed by our R&D department to provide the highest image resolution for an optimal diagnosis. The STRATOS DR is a complete device that in addition to routine exams provides a wide range of applications including orthopeadics, paediatrics, body composition and many more. FAST & PRECISE DIAGNOSTIC CONNECTED EXPERIENCE The STRATOS DR meets...

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S T R AT O S A competitive solution for routine DXA scans, offering optimal patient comfort. COMPLETE DEVICE COMPACT VERSION With a full range of applications, the STRATOS is always improved to provide the all parameters for a bone densitometry evaluation and body composition analysis. The STRATOS has been designed in a compact version to enable our DXA system to be installed in smaller rooms. FAST PENCIL BEAM OPTIMIZED WORKFLOW The Digital Fast Beam is an improved version of the pencil beam. The technology allows the STRATOS to be the fastest pencil beam devices on the market and to...

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ADVANCED TOOLS STANDARD DIAGNOSTIC SUPPORT BMD FEMUR/DUAL FEMUR Bone mineral density (g/cm²), is the amount of bone mineral in bone tissue. Based on the BMD, for each site the T-score and Z-score are (then) calculated. The forearm is a complementary site with slow bone remodeling privileged for particular patient cases (obesity, spine arthrosis, orthopeadic material). A radiology type image for automatic morphometric measurement of lateral spine and its GENANT table classification. Also available in AP positionning. The femur is an essential site for fracture risk mesurement. For accurate...

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ADVANCED TOOLS BODY COMPOSITION WHOLE BODY SEGMENTATION METABOLIC INFO COLOR MAPPING Body segmentation in different region of interest to analyse fat and lean mass repartition on the whole body. Patient monitoring and communication through color mapping according to the distribution of bone, fat and lean mass. Calculation of various metabolic parameters : Android/Gynoid ratio, Body mass Index, Fat mass index, Basal Metabolic rate and many more. Assessment of Sarcopenia based on published definitions. Sarcopenia is a degenerative disease related to the loss of skeletal mass, quality and...

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3D-DXA : REVEALING THE CORTICAL BONE 3d-dxa is a breakthrough technology that uses routine BMD images to modelize a 3d image of the femur. It assesses separately both cortical and trabecular bone compartments for more accurate diagnosis and adapted treatment. how it works 3D-DXA is a software application that registers a 3D statistical model onto the hip DXA scan of the patient and uses a model-based algorithm to create a 3D map of the cortical surface density. validation A multicenter clinical study was performed to compare 3D- DXA with Quantitative Computed Tomography (QCT) analyses....

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