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HOSPITAL BED 4 MOTORS WITH SCISSOR OPTIONS GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS GROUP 1 / CASTOR OPTIONS T1 GROUP 2 / SIDE RAIL OPTIONS K0 GROUP 3 / ELECTRICAL ACCESSORY OPTIONS Thigh rest adjustment : 0 - 40o GROUP 4 / BACKREST MOTOR OPTIONS ■ Easy to clean four-piece bed platform. ■ Height, trendelenburg,reverse trendelenburg, head and foot movements with the help of an electrical motor. ■ Head and foot platforms with automatic sliding system. ■ Back angle indication assembled on head rail. ■ Angle indication assembled on foot rail showing trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg. ■ Easily removable and installable head board system designed of hygienic PE plastic. ■ Shock resistance plastic bumper wheels. ■ Metal components dyed with anti-corrosion electrostatic powder paint after being treated with phosphate. ■ Profile frame with easy removable PE plastic covers. ■ Optional laminate color choice.(RLX) GROUP 5 / LEGREST MOTOR OPTIONS E3 Foot rest mechanical adjustment : 0 - 25o Vascular position GROUP 6 / CONTROL PANEL OPTIONS C1 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GROUP 7 / MATTRESS PLATFORM OPTIONS Y1 GROUP 8 / OTHER ACCESSORY OPTIONS W0 External dimension Width outside side rails Mattres platform Bed extension Recommended mattress dimension Autoregression (Backrest and Legrest) Safe Operating Load (Inc. Mattress and Accessories) ■ Weight ■ Volume SIDE RAIL SYSTEM DESCRIPTION OF OPTION CODES T1 T14 Anti - trendelenburg position : 0 - 16o TWIN CASTOR TWO WITH BRAKE (120 MM) CASTOR CENTRAL & DIRECTIONAL LOCK (125 MM) CASTOR CENTRAL & DIRECTIONAL LOCK (150 MM) WITHOUT SIDE RAIL WITH PE SIDE RAIL WITHOUT ELECTRICAL ACCESSORIES BATTERY RECHARGEABLE LEAD GEL TYPE. E1 OUTPUT VOLTAGE: 24 V DC. CAPACITY: 1,2 Ah. NURSE CONTROL PANEL. E2 PROTECTION CATEGORY : IP 66. 15 FUNCTION KEY. UNDER BED LIGHTING SYSTEM Mattress platform minimum height : 48 cm (125 mm with castor) Mattress platform maximum height : 78 cm (125 mm with castor) FOOT CONTROL PEDAL. ONE PEDAL CPR, ONE E4 PEDAL EXAMINATION POSITION FROM EACH SIDE. M1 BACKREST CPR MANUAL CONTROL MOTOR M2 (2000 N) LEGREST MOTOR (4000 N) Must select minumum one. Can select 1-2-3 ... both. HAND REMOTE CONTROL. C1 PROTECTION CATEGORY : IP 66 SIDE RAIL CONTROL PANEL RIGHT SIDE RAIL CONTROL PANEL LEFT REMOVABLE 4 PARTED MESH PLATFORM. WITHOUT OTHER ACCESSORIES REMOVABLE DOUBLE WALLED PE BED PLATFORM IV STAND : ONE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM LIFTING POLE : BEARING CAPACITY 75 Kg X-RAY AVAILABLE FOR BACK SIDE TELEVISION STAND FOR 17” LCD TV TRACTION APPARATUS BED EXTENSION : 20 cm. RESTRAINT STRAP LEGREST CPR MANUAL CONTROL MOTOR (2000 N) Must select only one of them. Power Input Power Output Electrical Current Protection Liquid and Dust Protection Fowler position Do not select the others if you select without accessory. If you select the others you can select all or 1-2-3 ... of them. Full side guardrail system with two pieces that is designed in compliance with the EN 60601-2-52 standard, which was started to be applied in Europe and will be applicable in Turkey in following years; provides maximum safety for the in-patient and completely extinguishes the falling risk for the patient. The empty spaces on the guardrail do not prevent monitoring the patient in any of the positions. It is designed conveniently to support the patient while getting off the bed. By the courtesy of the aluminum coupling pieces as used on the guardrail, the guardrail is saved from deformation when the patient gives load on the guardrail. When the guardrail system is brought to the lowest level it is hidden under the platform of the bed and it does not establish an obstacle while transferring the patient. In standard guardrail systems bacteria grow on the region of the guardrail mounting coupling screws making the hygiene more difficult In Vigorous seat system, the coupling screws are hidden with laminate in order to minimize the surfaces where bacteria may grow and thus smooth surfaces are achieved. Guardrails are in concert with the bed head syste

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