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OPERATING LIGHT GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS ■ Streamline: In light of the principle of aerodynamics, the lamp head is designed to be full-closed, streamline and with outstanding glass panel to eliminate any death space for the air ow of purication in the operation room. ■ Multi-reector operating light is an ideal lighting device for various operations in hospital. ■ Full-enclosed structure and streamlined of the lamp head, sufciently meets the high sterilization and purication standard of operation room. ■ The light beam with over 3000 specialized reectors ensures the focus depth to 700mm. ■ Color temperature approaching that of sunlight, making the tissue surface visible in natural color, can helps the doctor to distribute the operation parts clearly and accurately. ■ Permanent light safety, the stand by lamp will start work within 0.2seconds automatically when the main lamp is damaged, ensuring the continuation of surgical operation. Control panel has indicator for the damage of major and standby lamps ■ The dischargeable handle can be sterilized conveniently with high-temperature and high-pressure. ■ Digital-control circuit offers many functions, such as stepless lighting regulation, brightness memory, low voltage star-up and power on self test etc. ■ The life-span of OSRAM halogen bulb is up to 1000 hours; the bulbs can be changed easily. ■ The hanging system and exible arm are designed to position on the operation lig ht in all directions, to meet various illumination requirements. ■ Professional”Germany ONDAL balancer can rotate unlimited and make light body’ s stable and reliable. ■ High-emission reection device may ensure that illumination degree of operating light is permanently efcient (50000- 150000Iux), excellent depth of illumination and low shadow level. Diameter Lamp Housing(mm) Centralllluminance (Lux) Color Rendering Index(Ra) Color Temperature(K) Power Voltage(V/HZ) Power for Bulb (W) Light-adjusting Mode Temperature Rise at Surgeon’s Head(oC) Focusable Light-eld Size Effective Bulb Service Life(hour) Installation Height(mm) ■ Imported Balnced Arm: An agile balanced hanging arm system is installed,six sets of joints can move together exible and make a stable positioning a designation is made to be able to move the lamp head in all directions, which technology will satisfy any need for the height or angles of the operating lamp during surgical operation. ■ Continuous Light Adjustment: The lamp is controlled by microprocessor and stepless lighting regulation, successive brightness adjustment.it has the function of lightness memory ‘and broad electric voltage input which will work stably at a supply belween AC180V- AC250V, this system provides a great capacily of anti-interference. ■ High Depth Of lIIumination Focus: The depth of illumination has been guaranteed above 700mm with a good shadow-Iess and diameter of spot is 140-250mm, which is the use of multi rotated mirror reector to form thousands of reection and a focusing beam of high illumination. ■ Color Temperature Compensation: The unique lter system which may achieve a genuine cold light,the special designation for color temperature compensation has provided a color temperature of similar with natural sunlight,and completely satisfy for the different requirements in operation.

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