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INTRODUCTION About Dometic HIPRO CARE Convenient access to food items and beverages. HIPRO CARE Dometic HiPro Care silent minifridges Ventilation instructions DOMETIC ON THE WEB Learn more about the new HiPro Care range! Visit the link below and fill out the contact form in order to receive a personalized quotation today. DOMETIC.COM/HIPROCARE

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THEIR HABITS THEIR WAY Keeping a bit of independence is about integrity and pride. It’s about being able to have a glass of milk in the middle of the night if we want. To be able to decide for ourselves – it’s one of life’s small comforts when it means the mos

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DOMETIC CARE WELL PROVEN FOR DECADES DOMETIC REFRIGERATORS AND SAFES FOR HEALTH AND CARE FACILITIES Dometic is a leading manufacturer of cooling appliances for special applications – with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Our reference list includes hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and laboratories. Dometic Food Grade refrigerators and Dometic Medical refrigerators have been proven thousands of times over, across Europe and beyond. They are not only among the most compact of their kind available in the market, but with the new HiPro Care...

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DOMETIC PRODUCTS VALUE PROPOSAL FOR HOSPITALS, RETIREMENT HOMES HOSPITALS & CLINICS RETIREMENT HOMES Having their own food grade Minifridge and ProSafe in the room gives patients peace of mind and comfort while away from home. They are less dependent on staff for drinks and food and can rest assured that their valuables are safely stored. This, in turn, relieves the staff and cuts on operating costs. Hotel-like amenities can also help hospitals and clinics stand out from their competitors. Medical refrigerators on the station floor provide easy access to daily medications and common...

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FOOD GRADE DOMETIC FOOD GRADE REFRIGERATORS HIPRO CARE SMALL. SILENT. STRONG. Dometic HiPro Care minifridges seamlessly blend into the appearance of elderly homes and hospitals. Not only are they highly efficient, with remarkably low energy usage, but they also operate silently, contributing to a peaceful environment. The strong door rack maximizes storage space, improving the functionality of its elegant design. Furthermore, they stand out for their food-grade refrigeration capabilities, designed to accommodate a range of items—from delightful cakes to fresh milk and nutritious...

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MEDICAL & FOOD SAFETY & SECURITY TECHNICAL DATA MODEL HIPRO CARE A30S FS/BI HIPRO CARE A40S FS/BI HIPRO CARE C60S FS/BI Model class (litre) Storage volume (litre) Dimensions Built-in version** (H × W × D, in mm) Cooling technology Cabinet colour Can be built-in/integrated Variable door hinge LED interior light Input rating (W) Energy consumption (kWh/24 h) Noise level (db[A]) Features • Adjustable plastic shelf with recess for tall bottles • Flat inner door surface for easy cleaning • 2 adjustable plastic shelves with recess for tall bottles • Flat inner door surface for easy cleaning • 2...

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FOOD GRADE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION TIPS FOR BUILT-IN REFRIGERATORS Dometic absorption fridges are equipped with an electrically heated cooling unit which is virtually silent in operation. The heat which the cooling unit extracts from the refrigerator interior is emitted at the back of the fridge. If you have a free-standing model, sufficient ventilation is provided in most cases. If you want to integrate the fridge into a piece of furniture, however, the following instructions need to met. Please note that there must be sufficient room for ventilation behind the refrigerator...

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MEDICAL & FOOD SAFETY & SECURITY Important note Please read these instructions carefully and follow all instructions, guidelines, and warnings included in all our product manuals in order to ensure that you install, use, and maintain our products properly at all times. By using our products, you hereby confirm that you have read all instructions, guidelines, and warnings carefully and that you understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set forth herein. You agree to use our products only for the intended purpose and application and in accordance with the instructions,...

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Dometic is a leading manufacturer of compact refrigeration for special applications – with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. We offer tailormade solutions to keep patients comfortable and safe with a wide range of cooling options to store medicines, refreshments and safe lockers to protect personal belongings. Our customers include hospitals as well as clinics, retirement and nursing homes. Contents, specifications and availability are subject to change in the interests of technical improvement

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BELGIUM, NETHERLANDS & LUXEMBOURG Dometic BeNeLuX Lourdesstraat 84 B B-8940 Geluwe Tel +32 2 3598040 +32 (0) 478 6414 68 Mail DENMARK Dometic Denmark A/S Nordensvej 15, Taulov DK-7000 Fredericia Tel +45 75585966 Mail ITALY Dometic Italy S.r.l. Via Virgilio, 3 I-47122 Forli (FC) Tel +39 0543 754901 Mail FINLAND Dometic Finland Oy Valimotie 15 FIN-00380 Helsinki Tel +358 20 7413220 Mail MIDDLE EAST & AFRICA Dometic Middle East FZCO P.O. Box 17860 S-D 6, Jebel Ali Freezone Dubai Tel +971...

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