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CLIMATE AWNINGS THE PERFECT AWNING FOR EVERY DEMAND MANUAL OR WITH A MOTOR REMOTE CONTROL NEW S-FLOW HOUSING DESIGN Dometic manual awnings are operated with a crank, which is included with all awnings. Models PW 1500, 3800 and PR 2500 have the option of having a 12 V motor which comes as standard with a remote control. All electric awnings come standard with a remote control for convenient operation at the touch of a button. Dometic’s new design language: elegant appearance with clean lines and no visible screws (PW 1100) WIND SENSOR COMPACT HOUSING The PW 3800 can be protected by an...

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PATENTED LEAD RAIL SYSTEM AWNING ADAPTERS During set-up the lead rail adjusts automatically to Vehicle walls and roofs are, among other things, Our accessory range gives you a whole world of give you convenient access to the 001 STANDARD FLAT ADAPTER support legs. design elements. That means they can have 003 HYMERCAMP possibilities. For example, you can add side walls 002 EURA MOBIL 004 HYMER VAN / B2 After use the awning is stowed away safely in a different shapes. With a comprehensive range of for additional protection, or complete awning 100 % tight closing housing. (PW 1500) adapters...

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CLIMATE AWNINGS WHICH AWNING FITS YOUR VEHICLE? 4 EASY STEPS TO FIND YOUR AWNING Small or large caravan, motorhome or campervan – Dometic has a tailor-made awning solution for every demand. The following pages give a general overview of the available options. Our awning guidebook will then guide you, step by step, to the awning model which fits best. Your choice will depend on the construction of your vehicle and, of course, on how much comfort you want. Here are the most important criteria to consider before you take your buying decision: 1. Find the correct vehicle specific adapter from...

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COLOURS OF HOUSING AND CLOTH The Dometic core range offers both, colour options in the housing and fabric colours. Our core range includes Anodised, Antharcite and White and two fabric options. Horizon Grey Horizon Blue FABRIC COLOURS HOUSING COLOURS The awning fabric is made from hard-wearing vinyl material with a transparent acrylic coating. MOBILE LIVING MADE EASY — 7

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CLIMATE AWNINGS AT ONE GLANCE PERFECTWALL AWNINGS Contents, specifications and availability are subject to change due to the technical imp

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CLIMATE AWNINGS Arrive, get out, set up – and your roofed outdoor space is ready PERFECTWALL PW 1100 THE SMART AWNING The sun is beating down and there’s no shade in sight? It’s drizzling, but you want to enjoy your coffee outdoors? Then it’s time for your smart wall awning to enter the scene. The new Dometic PerfectWall PW 1100 can be set up (and dismantled) faster, safer and easier than any awning you have seen before. Patented technology – exclusively available from Dometic – makes it happen. No need to bend down or reach up, no hassle whatsoever. Your Dometic PerfectWall gives you...

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Dometic PerfectWall PW 1100 awnings come with several patented new features for enhanced convenience. The support legs slide out on either side of the newly designed, shapely housing for easy and ergonomic setup. The patented Easy Lock Flipper secures them firmly in place. The tension rafter, which gives the fabric extra tension, can be stored in the lead rail after use (4 and 4.5 m). Slide-out support legs: Easy setup from the corner of the awning, ergonomic handling without bending or stretching, secure hold also on uneven ground NEW ELEGANT HOUSING DESIGN Dometic's new design language:...

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CLIMATE AWNINGS Optional: 12-volt model with remote control THE ROBUST WALL AWNING – ALSO FOR VERY LARGE VEHICLES Supplied in lengths from 1.5 m up to 6.0 m the Dometic PerfectWall PW 1500 virtually covers the whole range of vehicles currently available. Regardless of the awning length the same housing is used, which significantly reduces the relative weight of the longer awnings (> 4.0 m). Details like the 100 % aluminium end caps reveal the high quality standard of the PW 1500 and contribute to a long service life. Thanks to the automatic twisting lead rail the awning slides out and in...

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BENEFITS OF PW 1500 • Aluminium end caps, resistant to shock and impact • Patented locks on both sides of the lead rail - for perfect closing • Patented lead rail system guarantees a 100 % tight closing housing • Support legs with patented Easy Lock Flipper • Same housing for all lengths from 1.5 to 6.0 m, models 3.5 m or longer also available with 2.75 m extension • Operation with telescopic crank or optional 12 V motor TELESCOPIC CRANK For manual operation of the very smooth running gear FULLY INTEGRATED MOTOR Completely integrated, does not extend the housing, 12-volt model with remote...

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CLIMATE AWNINGS With remote control WALL AWNING With the new PerfectWall PW 3800 Dometic launches the strongest wall awning the market has ever seen. Robust retractable arms with double steel ropes and an extra-strong anchorage, gives excellent stability to the construction. As a result, the PW 3800 can do without the integrated support legs despite its ample size. Models are available in lengths from 4 to 6 m, all with an extension of 2.75 m and an adjustable inclination setup. PATENTED EASY LOCK ROBUST RETRACTABLE ARMS SELF-SUPPORTING OR WITH SUPPORTS Prevents the support legs from...

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BENEFITS OF PW 3800 • Very sturdy construction – self-supporting, or for use with support legs • Aluminium end caps – resistant to shock and impact • Support legs with patented Easy Lock Flipper • Available in lengths from 4.0 to 6.0 m – all models come standard with a 2.75 m extension • Variable inclination – lead rail can be lowered between 0.75 m and 1.35 m • Emergency crank • With integrated 12 volt motor and remote control • Optional wind sensor The strongest self-supporting wall awning HORIZON BLUE HORIZON GREY VARIABLE INCLINATION ANGLE HEAVY DUTY ARM JOINT FABRIC & HOUSING COLOURS...

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