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YOUR COOLER – AS INDIVIDUAL AS YOU ARE! We offer a vast range of coolers. To be precise, we have the world’s largest selection of coolers, developed for small and large mobile homes, for yachts and boats, for cars, trucks and vans. In order to find out which cooler is most suitable for you, your vehicle and your ideas of comfort, you should ask yourself a few questions prior to the purchase. A bit of technical background knowledge won’t go amiss, either. You will be able to gain that from this brochure – step by step it will lead you to a good buying decision. On the last pages you find our...

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FOOD & BEVERAGE PORTABLE COOLERS INFO TAGS FOR HELP! Here are the tags most commonly used for mobile cooling by Dometic. They will allow you to identify all the basic features of a cooling appliance at first glance. FOR MAINS OPERATION (230 VOLTS OR 100 – 240 VOLTS AC) SUITABLE FOR SOLAR OPERATION ABSOLUTELY SILENT Contents, specifications and availability are subject to change in the interests of technical improvement

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FOUR COOLING SYSTEMS WITH DIFFERENT ADVANTAGES Four different cooling systems ensure that everything stays fresh on the move. Why as many as four? The reason is that each of them has its own particular advantages that recommend them for certain conditions. So please find a short explanation of the functional principles of the different technologies below. 1. PASSIVE COOLING 2. ABSORPTION COOLING 3. THERMOELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY 4. COMPRESSOR TECHNOLOGY MOBILE LIVING MADE EASY — 5

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FOOD & BEVERAGE PORTABLE COOLERS FOUR COOLING SYSTEMS FOR MOBILE APPLICATIONS Passive coolers offer a key benefit – they require no power supply. Instead, they feature a highly effective polyurethane foam insulation, combined with a tight closing labyrinth seal. Fitted with cold packs or ice cubes, they keep the contents fresh for several days, depending on the use and weather conditions. A concentrated ammonia solution is heated in a boiler and expelled as vapour. The pressurised ammonia gas is then liquefied in a condenser. Supplied with hydrogen, it evaporates and in the process extracts...

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OUR TIP! The Dometic CoolFreeze compressor cooler remains cold even when it’s hot. It is ideal for mobile use and for a barbecue at home, where it can be connected to the mains to provide temporary storage for meat and drinks. The thermoelectric principle was discovered in 1834 by J.C.A. Peltier, which is why the temperature generating parts of thermoelectric systems are referred to as Peltier elements. Thermoelectrics are based on the fact that cold or heat energy (depending on the polarity) is generated when a DC current is conducted between different types of metal. The heating or...

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FOOD & BEVERAGE PORTABLE COOLERS ON THE MOVE: WHERE AND HOW? TEMPERATURE CONDITIONS AT YOUR HOLIDAY DESTINATION It makes quite a difference whether you mostly drive the vehicle you use for work or leisure in a moderate climate or in the hot, sunny south. It's a fact that the cooling performance of thermoelectric, absorption or passive coolers is influenced by the respective ambient temperature. Compressor coolers, by contrast, are independent from the ambient temperature and even permit deep-freezing. When the daytime temperature often rises to about 40 °C and more, as it tends to do in...

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Pick a cooler to match the ambient temperature. It is an important aspect to consider when you decide whether it has to be a passive cooler, a versatile absorption cooler, a lightweight thermoelectric unit or a compressor box with cooling power independent of the ambient temperature. Thermoelectric / Compressor technology Thermoelectric technology Absorption technology Passive cooling TWO COOLING SYSTEMS IN ONE BOX Ingenious technology for even more versatile use: the Dometic CoolFun CK 40D Hybrid incorporates a high-performance compressor as well as a thermoelectric unit. In compressor...

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FOOD & BEVERAGE PORTABLE COOLERS Dometic Cool-Ice passive coolers (p. 16, 27) are an excellent choice for fishing trips. They keep bait and catch fresh for many hours without an external energy supply. A set of cold packs or ice cubes will do. You like to go on day trips and keep fruit and soft drinks nice and cool? Or are you on the road for weeks on end with your mobile home, truck or boat and therefore wish to take deep-frozen food as well? While an inexpensive thermoelectric cooler will do in the first case, the second situation definitely calls for a compressor unit. 10 — DOMETIC.COM...

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Is it okay for you to run your cooler "only" from the 12 or 24-volt vehicle battery? Would you like a 230-volt mains option as well? Or are you one of those camping enthusiasts who prefer cooling with gas? The Dometic cooler range accounts for all these energy options. Compressor units can even be run with solar power - a plus factor you should exploit when travelling in the sunny south a lot. If gas operation is all-important to you, absorption cooling is your system of choice. Dometic compressor coolers excel for their energy-efficient operation. Integrated battery protection puts you on...

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FOOD & BEVERAGE PORTABLE COOLERS WHAT ABOUT ENERGY CONSUMPTION? DEALING WITH LIMITED ENERGY RESOURCES In mobile applications electrical devices are mostly supplied from "limited energy sources". That means energy consumption is a crucial factor to consider. The table below tells you how to calculate the consumption of specific cooling appliances. It becomes obvious that longer periods of use (e.g. more than 2 days) call for the energy-efficient compressor technology. The owners of an absorption unit have an alternative, though: gas operation. 22 % average running time at 32 °C ambient...

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The noise emission of a cooler is not much of an issue while travelling in a car, boat or truck. It's a different story when it is kept in the room you are staying or even sleeping in. If you - like most camping enthusiasts - wish to place your cooler under the awning, you are best advised to choose an absorber unit. This type of cooler is almost quiet. If the occasional start of the compressor does not really bother you though, you will be just as happy with a compressor box. COOLING TECHNOLOGY MOBILE LIVING MADE EASY — 13

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