Dometic Care – Dometic refrigerators and safes for health and care facilities - 28 Pages

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Dometic Care – Dometic refrigerators and safes for health and care facilities

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DOMETIC CARE CONTENTS MEDICAL & FOOD For safe storage of temperature sensitive medicines and patient food in retirement homes and hospitals. SAFETY & SECURITY Dometic proSafe – Advanced technology for safe and secure storage of valuables

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INTRODUCTION About Dometic DOMETIC MEDICAL REFRIGERATORS    8 - 13 Dometic DS absorption refrigerators    9 Dometic HC compressor refrigerators    10 - 11 Dometic MC 302 mother milk refrigerator    12 - 13 DOMETIC FOOD REFRIGERATORS    14 - 15 Dometic Silicencio Food Line absorption refrigerators    14 - 15 Dometic CoolFreeze CFX compressor coolers    17 DOMETIC PROSAFE ROOM SAFES    18 - 25 Dometic proSafe Premium Class room safes    20 - 23 Dometic proSafe Standard Class room safes    24 - 25 Here's where you can find the complete Dometic range, with detailed information about all...

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DOMETIC CARE WELL PROVEN FOR DECADES DOMETIC REFRIGERATORS AND SAFES FOR HEALTH AND CARE FACILITIES Dometic is a leading manufacturer of cooling appliances for special applications – with decades of experience in the healthcare sector. Our reference list includes hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, doctor’s surgeries, pharmacies and laboratories. Dometic Medical and Food Line refrigerators have been proven thousands of times over, across Europe and beyond. They are among the most compact of their kind available in the market. With its proSafe range, Dometic also provides a reliable...

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DOMETIC PRODUCTS VALUE PROPOSAL FOR HOSPITALS, RETIREMENT HOMES, SURGERIES AND PHARMACIES HOSPITALS & CLINICS Having their own Food Line fridge and proSafe in the room gives patients peace of mind and comfort while away from home. They are less dependent on staff for drinks and food and can rest assured that their valuables are safely stored. This, in turn, relieves the staff and cuts on operating costs. Hotel-like amenities can also help hospitals and clinics stand out from their competitors. Medical refrigerators on the station floor provide easy access to daily medications and common...

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MEDICAL & FOOD Contents, specifications and availability are subject to change in the interests of technical improvement.

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MEDICAL & FOOD DOMETIC MEDICAL REFRIGERATORS THE MOST COMPACT MODELS DOMETIC MEDICAL REFRIGERATORS The ideal solution for storing heat-sensitive medicine safely at a temperature between +2°C and +8°C. Practical drawers enable you to keep the medicine organised and structured. A digital thermometer monitors the internal temperature and stores the highest and lowest temperature for a defined control period. You can choose between two series with different cooling technologies and quality features: WHY CONVENTIONAL HOUSEHOLD REFRIGERATORS WON’T WORK Conventional household refrigerators are...

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MEDICAL & FOOD DS SERIES MEDICAL REFRIGERATORSNOISELESS ABSORPTION COOLING Well proven over the last decades, DS series medical refrigerators are ideal for safe storage of insulin and other heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C. The drawers allow for an organised storage of pharmaceuticals. The external digital thermometer keeps the interior temperature under control. • Noiseless absorption cooling unit • Fuzzy Logic technology for low power consumption • Adjustable temperature settings for efficient usability • LED interior light for user convenience • Door...

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MEDICAL & FOOD DOMETIC MEDICAL REFRIGERATORS Medical refrigerators have to meet the very highest demands, and they have to be absolutely reliable. To be on the safe side, use equipment that complies with the DIN 58345 standard for pharmaceutical refrigerators, because it will meet the expectations for professional storage to the full extent. In addition to standard features like temperature setting, ventilated cooling and a safety lock, our DIN certified equipment also provide a visual and audible warning function in case of temperature deviations. Thanks to an integrated battery the...

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High-performance compressor cooling -even at high ambient temperatures Integrated in the door: illuminated thermometer min/max data memory to monitor the interior temperature High-quality, roller based metal drawers with 3/4 extension for well organised storage door open alarm MEDICAL & FOOD Based on efficient compressor cooling, HC series medical refrigerators are amazingly powerful and energy-saving. Moreover, the models in the HC series are fitted with some useful extra features. High-quality, roller based metal drawers with 3/4 extension allow for convenient handling in everyday use,...

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MEDICAL & FOOD DOMETIC MEDICAL REFRIGERATORS Sensitive breast milk has to be stored at a temperature between +2 °C and + 4°C to preserve its nutritional value and prevent health risks to the babies. The new MC 302 mother milk cooler provides the optimal storage conditions. A special control system ensures that the factory preset temperature of+2.5 °C is reliably maintained. The current temperature is shown on an external display - no need to open the door to check it. Additionally, any deviation from the admissible temperature range (+1 °C to +4° C) is signalled by a warning signal. 12 —...

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DIN 58345 compliant Keeps heat sensitive breast milk between +1 °C and +4° C (factory preset fixed temperature of + 2.5 °C) Door integrated with multi functional temperature display. Integrated fan for reliably constant temperature Features an audible warning system if the door is open for more than 20 s Compressor cooling technology Convenient, robust slide-out drawers MEDICAL & FOOD MOBILE LIVING MADE EASY — 13 Integrated in the door: illuminated thermometer min/max data memory to monitor the interior temperature Drawers with transparent front panel Interior light Lockable door

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