Dometic cooling solutions for mobile delivery – Temperature-controlled transport and storage - 84 Pages

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Dometic cooling solutions for mobile delivery – Temperature-controlled transport and storage

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CATALOGUE CUSTOMIZED COOLING SOLUTIONS ONE-DEGREE ACCURACY CUSTOMIZED COOLING SOLUTIONS FOR TEMPERATURE-CONTROLLED TRANSPORT Taking highly perishable goods safely from one place to another – no problem with mobile refrigeration by Dometic. Our portable coolers have stood and passed the test of practice millions of times. To meet your demanding logistics needs they are fitted with special, high-performance electronics. Whatever it is you are transporting – lab samples, veterinary samples or specimens, temperature-sensitive medicines or perishable food – Dometic products provide one-degree...

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DOMETIC ON THE WEB Here’s where you can find the complete Dometic range, with detailed information about all products. Plus, interesting facts about our company and download links for all our catalogues. PROFESSIONAL COOLING —

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CATALOGUE CONTENTS COOL BOXES COOLING CONTAINERS Insulated coolers for food transportation. Precise cooling for temperature-controlled transport. Customer-specific equipment with accessories. Top loaders and front loaders with one or two factory-set fixed temperature(s). Practical equipment details for convenient handling on the road and on site. MILK- & BEVERAGE COOLERS INTEGRATED COOLING Space-saving milk coolers for coffee machines. Beverage refrigerator for bars. Solutions for storing and serving wine. Fully integrated cooling systems for fitting refrigerated vehicles. Modular system,...

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INTRODUCTION Cooling technology for temperature-controlled transport 6 – 9 COOL BOXES Passive coolers 12 – 15 Thermoelectric coolers and extra modules 16 – 21 Compressor coolers and extra modules 22 – 31 MEDICINE AND LABS From stationary medical refrigerators to fitted equipment for ambulances and veterinary vehicles. High-precision temperature management, up-to-date documentation, convenient handling. COOLING CONTAINERS Top loaders and front loaders 34 – 42 Extra modules 43 MEDICINE AND LABS Medical refrigerators Stainless steel built-in cabinets for vehicles Custom solutions for...

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CUSTOMIZED COOLING SOLUTIONS INTRODUCTION THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS “COOL” IS A VERSATILE WORD ... It can range from –22 °C to +65 °C, depending on the ambient temperature and on whatever is being transported. But for any product, the following applies: The key to success of perfect storage is constant temperature. You know the right temperature for your product. Dometic builds the ideal cooler for you. The temperature is factory-set and maintained at precisely ±2 °C, which can be even more precise, if required. Of course, we can also set two fixed temperatures or just leave...

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HACCP AND GDP MANAGEMENT WITH CUSTOMIZED COOLING SOLUTIONS FROM DOMETIC FOR A SAFE AND PROFITABLE BUSINESS Compliance with legal requirements not only means satisfied customers but also more profit. Success comes from within. When introducing an HACCP or GDP management concept, all work processes are put to the test. The decisive factor is the health risk for the consumer, but other deficiencies also come to light in the process. As a result, processes are tightened up, losses are minimised and resources are used more effectively. HACCP – EVERY DAY WITH DOMETIC 1. Hazard Analysis: Analysing...

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CUSTOMIZED COOLING SOLUTIONS INTRODUCTION TAILOR-MADE REFRIGERATION SOLUTIONS FOR MEDICINES, VACCINES, LAB SAMPLES AND MORE Especially stringent requirements apply for the transportation and storage of blood donations, vaccines, lab samples, living organs and temperature-sensitive drugs. To ensure maximum safety for consumers, the EU’s Good Distribution Practice (GDP) directive requires temperature management accurate to a single degree, as well as continuous documentation of the temperature curve. Dometic’s cooling solutions for mobile delivery catalogue gives you a cross-section of...

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CUSTOM-DESIGNED COOLING SOLUTIONS FOR FOOD PROCESSING, HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS For transporting fresh produce, deep-freeze goods, warm and cold food, the professional cooling range from Dometic offers numerous tried and tested, reliable solutions which provide you with optimal support for adherence to legally required standards such as HACCP and GDP. Benefit from our decades of experience as market leader for mobile refrigeration and our expertise in customising cool boxes and refrigerators. Get inspired from the multitude of possibilities and talk to us if your requirements go beyond of...

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PROFESSIONAL COOLING COOL BOXES / COOL-ICE COOL-ICE PASSIVE COOLERS DESIGNED FOR THE TOUGHEST CONDITIONS! Hot outside temperatures, shock and impact during transport, frequent opening and closing, packing and stacking – Dometic Cool-Ice boxes take it all with ease. HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE INSULATION NINE SIZES – FROM 13 TO 111 LITRES Contents, specifications and availability are subject to change in the interests of technical improveme

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COOLING WITHOUT ELECTRICITY Dometic Cool-Ice passive coolers, as the name suggests, require no energy supply. This makes them ideal for air freight logistics or other applications where mains or battery power are unavailable. Packed with dry ice or freezer packs, they keep temperature-sensitive goods fresh for several hours. Highly-effective insulation combined with a smart labyrinth seal makes it possible. All Cool-Ice boxes are easy to transport, easy to clean and fitted with handy details for convenient handling. Highlyeffective insulation ROBUST TETHERING POINTS LABYRINTH SEAL STABLE...

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COLD-HEAT STORAGE FOR HIGHEST DEMANDS Extremely low heat absorption Highly effective polyurethane foam insulation, combined with an intelligent labyrinth seal High-quality, UV-resistant plastic Especially sturdy construction thanks to "seamless" production in rotation procedure Integrated hinges with stainless steel rods Solid ABS locks with stainless steel attachment bolts Integrated polyester feet for improved non-slip stability • Sturdy, ergonomic handles (from WCI 33 and above) • High-strength anchor points for securing goods (from WCI 33 and above) • Comfortable shoulder belt (WCI...

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