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MOBILE LIVING MADE EASY. WELCOME TO DOMETIC! Millions of people around the world are using Dometic products. They all have one thing in common – the longing for freedom and independence on the move. Our job is to meet their essential needs on the journey. Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. We also create solutions to make driving safer and more convenient and innovative electronic devices for smart use of precious battery power. Welcome to our new catalogue! We invite you to go on a journey of discovery. Explore the...

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CLIMATE Do you love travelling in sunny weather? Enjoy your journey and the perfect climate in your motorhome or caravan. Dometic air conditioners make sure you can. HYGIENE & SANITATION POWER & CONTROL Enjoy a pleasant feeling of freshness on board wherever the road takes you. Reap the benefits of our decades of research into mobile sanitation systems. Smart electronics and handy accessories ensure you will always have enough power on board, even in remote locations where mains power is unavailable.

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CLIMATE Air Conditioners Awnings Windows FOOD & BEVERAGE Cooking Coolboxes Refrigeration FOOD & BEVERAGE Cook what you like, eat with friends, keep your provisions nice and fresh throughout the journey. We have taken care of every detail. HYGIENE & SANITATION Sanitation Cleaning POWER & CONTROL Energy Lights SAFETY & SECURITY Driving Support Safety Solutions TECHNICAL DATA Technical Data SAFETY & SECURITY Sit back and relax. Dometic accessories let you enjoy the most precious weeks of the year in complete comfort and safety. DOMETIC ON THE WEB Here’s where you can find the complete Dometic...

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INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCTS 2019 Living up to our mission “Mobile living made easy”, we have created some innovations that give you more freedom and independence on the move. For example, we have designed a new awning that can be set up quickly and easily. Fiat Ducato owners will appreciate the arrival of a new, double pleated windscreen blind. Our new 10-series left-right refrigerators revolutionise the way food and drinks are kept fresh in motorhomes and caravans. A more compact model version fitted with a powerful compressor cooling system is available for campervans. Last but not least,...

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World‘s First RV Double Hinged Refrigerator NEW! RMD 10.5 LEFT-RIGHT REFRIGERATOR The new 10-series Dometic absorption refrigerator can be opened either to the left or right, without the need to change the hinge. Simply use one of the two convenient aluminium handles, which extend over the full fridge height. Read more on this on p. 132 – 134 NEW! DOMETIC RC 10.4 COMPRESSOR POWER FOR VANS NEW! DOMETIC PLB40 COMPACT AND ULTRA-LIGHT BATTERY NEW! DOMETIC SINEPOWER DSP-C ALL-IN-ONE POWER SOLUTION Compact outside dimensions, impressive cooling power, and a patented removable freezer compartment...

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CLIMATE GENERAL BRIGHT PROSPECTS … AIR CONDITIONERS, AWNINGS AND WINDOWS FOR A WONDERFUL HOLIDAY EXPERIENCE Most of us love travelling south, with hot summers and plenty of sunshine. But it can really heat up your motorhome even in moderate climates and make staying inside unbearable. The alternative? Install a Dometic air conditioner to create your own climate, take a deep breath and enjoy! When you stop at a beautiful place, turn the area in front of your vehicle into a roofed patio with a Dometic awning. It will treat you to many relaxing hours. Dometic windows and roof lights let light...

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FOOD & BEVERAGE HYGIENE & SANITATION POWER & CONTROL 02 AWNINGS Wall or roof awnings for caravans, motorhomes or campervans – Dometic has a tailor-made solution for every demand. The range includes manual and electric awnings from 1.50 m up to 6.0  m long, with attractive cloth colours and housing colours to match the design of your leisure vehicle. 03 WINDOWS Top-hung and sliding windows from the market leader – perfect workmanship, easy handling, insulation according to home construction standards. Roof lights in various sizes and model versions. Now also for the bathroom. MOBILE LIVING...

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Contents, specifications and availability are subject to change in the interests of technical improvement.

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KUMAANLAGE caravans Whether at home or in a leisure vehicle, our comfort not only depends on temperature - humidity also plays a decisive role. If the humidity tends to be low, we can still tolerate temperatures which are very high. When the humidity rises, we really start suffering from the heat -problems with circulation and with sleeping are the inevitable result. A good air conditioner for a mobile home not only needs to cool down the air in the room; it should also dehumidify it at the same time. To ensure that both - cooling and dehumidification - work perfectly even at high ambient...

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FOOD & BEVERAGE HYGIENE & SANITATION 02  ROOF AIR CONDITIONER WITH WINDOW This air conditioner, which is the only one of its type worldwide, does not force you to sacrifice the roof window – quite the contrary. The Dometic FreshLight model features a window which is already built into the air conditioning unit. The result is perfect temperatures on board a caravan or motorhome with natural light still coming in from above. 03  UNDER-BENCH AIR CONDITIONER Under-bench air conditioners give you the benefit that the roof load, outside dimensions and centre of gravity of your motorhome or...

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CLIMATE AIR CONDITIONERS / ROOF AIR CONDITIONERS DOMETIC FRESHJET FOR MOTORHOMES AND CARAVANS OF ALL SIZES The FreshJet series gives you a choice of three models with different cooling capacities. It includes two ultra-compact air conditioners for space-saving installation and one high-performance model for larger vehicles. When choosing the matching power rating you should consider the size of the room, the temperature preferences and your favourite travel destinations. The smaller FreshJet model has very low starting currents, the more powerful ones (FreshJet 2200/3200) are fitted with...

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