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DEAR FREEDOM LOVER, There are millions of people around the world who use Dometic products. You all have one thing in common. You’re going somewhere – whether you’re an RV user, a boat owner, a truck driver or just a lover of the great outdoors. Our job is to meet your essential needs on the journey. Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. That way, you can explore more, see more and stay away longer. We call it mobile living made easy.

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CLIMATE Do you love sailing in sunny weather? Enjoy your cruise and the perfect climate in your cabins after a marvellous day at sea. Dometic air conditioners make sure you can. HYGIENE & SANITATION Enjoy a pleasant feeling of freshness on board wherever the wind takes you. Reap the benefits of our decades of research into marine sanitation systems. POWER & CONTROL Smart electronics and handy accessories ensure you will always have enough power on board, even for a longer cruise.

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FOOD & BEVERAGE Cooking Coolboxes Refrigeration FOOD & BEVERAGE Cook what you like, eat with friends, keep your provisions nice and fresh throughout the journey. We have taken care of every detail. HYGIENE & SANITATION Cleaning Sanitation POWER & CONTROL Energy SAFETY & SECURITY Safety Solutions TECHNICAL DATA Technical Data SAFETY & SECURITY Sit back and relax. Dometic accessories let you enjoy the most precious weeks of the year in complete comfort and safety. DOMETIC ON THE WEB Here’s where you can find the complete Dometic range, with detailed information about all products. Plus,...

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INNOVATIVE NEW PRODUCTS 2019 Living up to our mission “Mobile living made easy”, we have created some innovations that give you more freedom and independence. Our 10-series compressor refrigerators, for example, have arrived to set new standards in design, efficiency and convenience. Also new this year is a portable power pack with state-of-the-art lithium technology that lets you travel off-grid longer. And, last but not least, there’s a practical inverter/battery charger combo for smart energy management on board. NEW! DOMETIC RC 10.4 COMPRESSOR POWER FOR YOUR GALLEY Compact outside...

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Smart and efficient energy management NEW! DOMETIC PLB40 COMPACT AND ULTRA-LIGHT BATTERY NEW! DOMETIC SINEPOWER DSP-C ALL-IN-ONE POWER SOLUTION Travel off-grid for longer! The Dometic PLB40 lithium iron phosphate battery delivers mobile energy for electric coolers and other 12 V appliances. Lightweight and perfectly portable, it makes you truly independent. This smart combination of an inverter and automatic battery charger monitors the mains power input and responds to each situation accordingly – either supplementing the external power supply or, if not needed, charging the vehicle...

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CLIMATE GENERAL DOMETIC CLIMATE SYSTEMS THE ESSENCE OF OUR RETROFIT PROGRAMME AT A GLANCE Whether you have a small leisure boat or a super yacht with multiple cabins, Dometic can always provide a tailor-made air conditioning solution that’s a perfect fit for you and your travel habits. Here is the essence of our retrofit programme: a rooftop A/C system for large vessels and houseboats; useful accessories for installation, energy management and clean air on board; not forgetting – our well proven complete kits for self-installation. For the latter we offer optional sound cover that reduces...

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CLIMATE FOOD & BEVERAGE HYGIENE & SANITATION POWER & CONTROL SAFETY & SECURITY SELF-CONTAINED SYSTEMS For fast and easy retrofitting: Dometic Marine Climate Systems integrate cooling, dehumidification and heating in one compact unit. The complete sets come with all required installation materials and a user-friendly control panel. Available in three capacity versions: 6,000, 12,000 and 16,000 BTU/h. All you need for easy installation and convenient use: ventilation grilles, air distribution kit, air purifier, centrifugal seawater pumps, stylish and smart displays and controls. Plus, a sound...

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CLIMATE COMPLETE CLIMATE SYSTEMS Complete kit for a perfect climate! SELF-CONTAINED SYSTEMS FOR EASY INSTALLATION The improved Dometic MCS T now features the award winning DTU unit for fast, easy and versatile installation. With rotatable blower for custom installation, composite drain pan with quick fittings and superior vibration insulation for quiet operation the MCS T offers you true OEM quality in one kit. All components and mounting materials are included in the scope of delivery. Three available capacities, all using R410A refrigerant, allows the systems to work effectively and...

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DOMETIC MCS T6 / MCS T12 / MCS T16 Complete climate system for 230-volt operation 2.12 / Marine Climate Systems * Contains flourinated greenhouse gases. Hermetically sealed equipment. R 410A T6: 241 g / T12: 298 g / T16: 354 g. Co2 equivalent T6: 0.503 t / T12: 0.681 t / T16: 0.799 t. GWP 2088 SOUND COVER ELITE KEYPAD/DISPLAY SMART TOUCH CABIN CONTROL Reduces the compressor noise by up to 50 % with a snug-fitting, molded cover of sound-absorbent neoprene. Easy installation, all mounting hardware is included. Easy to use with raised buttons and scroll button for mode selection. Cool-only,...

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CLIMATE ACCESSORIES FOR MARINE CLIMATE SYSTEMS / AIR PURIFIER / ROOFTOP A/C SYSTEM DOMETIC SMARTSTART IP65 The soft starter protects electronics by reducing start-up spikes in your boat's air conditioner. • Prevents voltage spikes when starting, helps prevent power outages • Problem-free air conditioner start-up at moorings with low quality electrical circuit protection • Reduces startup amps by up to 65 % REAL-WOOD VENTILATION GRILLES For Dometic MCS T climate systems • High-quality appearance • Louvres can be removed for cleaning • Return-air grilles have easy-to-clean, replaceable...

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