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CONTENTS BUYING GUIDE TRUCK AIRCONDITIONERS The ideal cabin climate Select the model to suit your truck and your working day A deeper look into the technology and testing procedures Which parking cooler fits which truck? A brief overview A familiar picture in parking areas: truck drivers leaving the engine running for hours to use the air conditioner or to recharge the batteries during their resting periods. This is bad for the environment, and it’s also against the law. Tons of fuel are wasted, and fleet operators pay dearly for it, plus the wear and tear on the engine. A parking cooler...

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CONTENTS BUYING GUIDE TRUCK AIRCONDITIONERS THE IDEAL CABIN CLIMATE A COMFORTABLE FEELING IT’S ALL ABOUT TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY Contents, specifications and availability are subject to change in the interests of technical improvement

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The air temperature felt by the human body may differ from the actual, measured air temperature. Our thermal sensation ranges from warm or hot through comfortable to cold. We all want to enjoy a comfortable climate, and humidity plays a decisive role. When humidity is low, we tolerate even hot air temperatures even though we sweat. Dry heat makes the sweat evaporate quickly from the skin and creates a cooling effect. This won't happen, though, in a warm humid climate, when humidity is high transpiration diminishes and with it the cooling effect. As a result, we feel the heat even more. The...

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MODEL SELECTION BUYING GUIDE TRUCK AIRCONDITIONERS DOMETIC COOLAIR TRUCK PARKING COOLERS – SELECT THE MODEL TO SUIT YOUR TRUCK AND YOUR WORKING DAY CoolAir compressor parking coolers have been around for over ten years to improve working conditions, safety and cost efficiency in the European utility vehicle industry. Powerful and efficient like no other, they offer unique benefits for drivers, installers and fleet operators. Vehicle-specific mounting accessories available for all common truck models make for fast and easy installation with perfect results. The current Dometic CoolAir range...

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Stay cool for longer! SPLIT PARKING COOLER FOR TRICKY INSTALLATION CONDITIONS COOLAIR SP 950 The alternative for cabins with roof spoilers and other “special cases”. With our well proven split system, the powerful compressor unit teams up with a separate evaporator unit to be fitted inside the cabin or on the roof. MOBILE LIVING MADE EASY

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MODEL SELECTION BUYING GUIDE TRUCK AIRCONDITIONERS CREATE COMFORT THE TASK OF A TRUCK PARKING COOLER Relaxed drivers are safer drivers who are less likely to be involved in accidents. This is one of the reasons why the laws on resting periods for truck drivers are so strict. But what are the conditions drivers need to rest in complete comfort? The temperature range we perceive as comfortable is not really that wide, as the illustration on page 5 shows. Temperatures up to 26 °C are only felt as pleasant when humidity is low. When the air is damp, the thermometer should not exceed 20 °C. We...

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PERFECT CLIMATE IN EVERY SITUATION The two CoolAir RTX systems give drivers a choice of four operating modes to make it even easier for them to adjust the cooling capacity to individual climate conditions and personal comfort requirements. • Automatic mode: Fan and compressor are controlled automatically. • Eco mode: The compressor speed is limited to a maximum of 2400 revs/min (instead of 3600 revs/min). This saves energy and extends the runtime. • Boost mode: Compressor and fan are running at full capacity -for a maximum of 20 minutes, or until the preset temperature has been reached....

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MODEL SELECTION BUYING GUIDE TRUCK AIRCONDITIONERS 14 GOOD REASONS TO OPT FOR A COOLAIR TRUCK PARKING COOLER • Superior performance: CoolAir air conditioners run longer, quieter and more economical – even at high ambient temperatures up to 52°C Reduced fuel consumption: no engine running during resting periods Self-explanatory, convenient operation: 4 operating modes (RTX series), individual air flow regulation Restful breaks without noise and exhaust gas exposure: concentrated drivers, less accidents Contemporary automotive design perfectly matching the vehicle inside and out Approved road...

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FIELD TEST OF PARKING COOLERS – COOLAIR RTX 1000 HITS ALL RECORDS! CoolAir air conditioners run longer, quieter and more economical. The RTX is able to guarantee perfect functionality even under tough conditions. Keep this in mind when comparing its performance with competitors’ products! The CoolAir RTX proved itself robust in a series of tough tests, e. g. accelerated life testing. Tests have also been done on the shaker table as well as in the climatic chamber. TEST CONDITIONS TEST RESULTS FOR COOLAIR RTX 1000 To cut a long story short, our parking cooler hit all records in the test! •...

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MODEL SELECTION BUYING GUIDE TRUCK AIRCONDITIONERS MORE COOLAIR BENEFITS A DEEPER LOOK INTO THE TECHNOLOGY AND TESTING PROCEDURES LOW MAINTENANCE COSTS The engines of trucks fitted with a parking cooler require less maintenance. This is simply because drivers are less likely to have them run idle to operate the A/C system in their resting periods. The longer service intervals reduce the maintenance costs for fleet operators. Speaking of maintenance costs ... self-contained CoolAir air con ditioners are virtually maintenance-free. All components are integrated in a compact housing. The A/C...

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SUPERIOR ENERGY EFFICIENCY CoolAir RTX parking coolers feature a variable speed inverter com pressor, which allows for excellent cooling, amazingly quiet operation and superior energy efficiency. Moreover, our latest generation parking coolers are fitted with a smart refrigerant injection technology to make more economical use of refrigerant. While other manufacturers use a rather “static” capillary tubing system, the inventors of the CoolAir RTX opted for an adaptive, thermostat controlled expansion valve. The expansion valve ensures that the evaporator always gets the right amount of...

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