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ORDERING INFORMATION ANATOMICAL RANGE OF SPINAL SUPPORT BACK BRACES Waist Measurement Sizing DONJOY BACK BRACE PRODUCT LINE *The sizing for the SI Belt is measured off of the hip measurement 1” above the greater trochanter. GENERAL INDICATIONS & RANGE OF SPINAL SUPPORT REPLACEMENT PARTS / ACCESSORIES Part # *The Short Chairback is designed for shorter torsos, so the frame is 13” in height for all sizes. 7˚ LORDOTIC INSERT (pair) 10˚ LORDOTIC INSERT (pair) DONJOY BACK BRACE PRODUCT LINE Disc Herniation & Degeneration Post-Operative Laminectomy Post-Operative Disectomy IDET Procedure Spondylolisthesis Post-Operative Fusion Spinal Stenosis Compression Fractures Kyphosis Scoliosis SHORT CHAIRBACK* Lumbar Disc Displacement STANDARD CHAIRBACK Sacroiliac Pain Waist Measurement / Chairback Height 12˚ LORDOTIC INSERT (pair) TLSO STRAP KIT Lordotic foam inserts fit easily into the posterior pockets of the DonJoy LSO Regular and LSO Low Profile braces and are available in 7˚, 10˚ & 12˚ lordotic options. Not for use with the Don

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DONJOY BACK BRACES The DonJoy back brace product line was PDAC ASSIGNED CODES: L0631 (CST) / L0648 (OTS) designed with function and patient comfort in The DonJoy LSO Premium Plus provides rigid anterior and posterior compression from T9 – S1. Similar to the DonJoy LSO with Chairback, but without the lateral supports; the Premium Plus provides a high degree of spinal support while maximizing patient comfort. mind. The family of back braces provides support for a broad range of spinal indications; from acute low back pain relief to post- DONJOY BACK BRACE II TLSO operative...

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