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ENHANCED PERFORMANCE Uncompromised engineering delivers the world’s first titanium brace, striking the perfect balance of lightweight frame, strength and profile. A22™ THE WORLD’S FIRST CUSTOM-MADE TITANIUM LIGAMENT KNEE BRACE HI-TECH SHIELD Anti-microbial coating helps neutralize odor while increasing soft goods longevity. Packed with innovative features and incorporating DonJoy’s clinically proven technologies (4-Points-of-Leverage & FourcePoint Hinge), A22 is Donjoy’s new premium rigid ligament knee brace. OPTIMAL COMFORT Cushioning cells absorb shock, promote stability and proper fit....

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ACL FACTS BRACING REDUCES ACL REINJURY by 3x while skiing7 A PERSON WHO HAS TORN THEIR ACL HAS 15x greater risk of a 2nd ACL injury (during initial 12-months after ACL reconstruction)8 WOMEN ARE 2 TO 10x more likely to injure their ACL (all sports)6 RISK OF ACL INJURY to the opposing (opposite) knee is 2x that of the reconstructed knee (all sports)11 PSYCHOLOGICAL FACTORS (primarily the fear of reinjury) influence the ability to return to play12 1 4-POINTS-OF-LEVERAGE KNEE BRACING OFFERS Increased patient confidence after ACL reconstruction PROTECTION 4-Points-of-Leverage frame design...

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ORDERING INFORMATION Each A22 is custom made. Measurements taken with CCMI Mark III CLINICAL REFERENCES 1 Beynnon BD, Pope MH, Wertheimer CM, Johnson RJ, Fleming BC, Nichols CE, Howe JG, Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Am 1992,741298-1312 2. Beynnon BD, Fleming BC, Peura G, Johnson RJ, Renstrom PA, Nichols CE, Pope. The Effect of Functional Knee Bracing in the Anterior Cruciate Ligament n Monweightbeanng Knee. 1995. 41st Annual Orthopedics Research Society Meeting. 3. Beynnon BD, Johnson RJ, Fleming BC, Peura G, Renstrom PA, Nichols CE. The Effect of Functional Knee Bracing on the Anterior...

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