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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 3

DonJoy is the world’s largest manufacturer of orthopedic products for treating musculoskeletal, neurological and soft tissue disorders. For over 30 years, DonJoy has set a benchmark for leadership, reliability and excellence. Our products contribute to better treatment outcomes in hospitals, clinics and home settings worldwide. We lead the orthopedic and sports medicine industry by example and, through continuous innovation, provide efficient solutions for clinicians and their patients. As the world’s leading brand in the orthopedics and sports medicine fields, DonJoy is sold in over 80...

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 4

Knee Ligament Bracing How the Donjoy 4-Point Brace Protects the ACL Deficient Knee 5 FourcePoint" Hinge Technology 5 Defiance* III / Defiance* - Frame & Hinge Options 8 Defiance* III / Defiance* Color Options 9 CCMI Mark III-Measuring Device 9 Accessories - Rigid Knee Ligament Braces 10 Drytex* "Deluxe" Hinged Knee 14 Drytex* "Sport" Economy Hinged Knee 14 Post-Op Bracing TROM" Advance / Cool TROM" Advance 24 Patellofemoral Bracing Tru-Pull* / Hinged Tru-Pull* Advanced System 29 Drytex" Lateral "J" / Drytex* Hinged Lateral "J" 30 Walking Braces MaxTrax* / MaxTrax* Ankle 32 MaxTrax*...

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 5

Knee Ligament Bracing

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 6

Knee Ligament Bracing 4-Points-of-Leverage™ Through the 4-Points-of-Leverage rigid cuff and strap configuration, a posterior force is applied to the tibia preventing anterior movement. The 4-Points-of-Leverage brace design: • Significantly reduces ACL strain* • Provides a constant dynamic load LOADS THE TIBIA #3 #1 POINT OF LEVERAGE #1 The tibia is anchored by a cuff placed at the bottom of the posterior calf. POINT OF LEVERAGE #2 The femur is anchored by a cuff placed at the top of the anterior thigh. POINT OF LEVERAGE #3 A strap across the back of the lower thigh pushes the femur...

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 7

How the DonJoy 4-Point Brace Protects the ACL Deficient Knee Patients with an ACL deficient knee have an anterolateral instability that causes the knee to give way. ROTATION COMPONENT It is very difficult to control instability in an ACL deficient knee in a direct way using a knee brace. Indirect stabilisation of the knee is achieved with the biomechanical 4 point design of the DonJoy brace. ACL The 4-point system is clinically proven to be the most effective way to prevent anterior translation of the tibia. A DonJoy brace will provide a high level of stability for the ACL deficient knee by...

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 8

Knee Ligament Bracing A22™ Indications The world’s first Custom-Made Titanium rigid ligament knee brace, A22 represents the next generation of custom bracing by DonJoy. A22 is packed with innovative features but also incorporates DonJoy’s legacy technologies, such as 4-Points-of-Leverage and FourcePoint Hinge, clinically proven to protect the knee. Engineering expertise combined with new-age materials place the premium A22 at the forefront of ligament bracing innovation. A22 custom brace is designed for patients who lead an active lifestyle, practice non-collision sports regularly and want...

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 9

Defiance® III / Defiance® DonJoy Defiance sets the industry standard for Custom Made Knee Braces. A host of options allows customisation of the fit and functions, to ensure maximum protection and confidence. The ultimate in technology, materials and design. Defiance incorporates DonJoy's patented 4-Points-of-Leverage for effective support, and offers a choice of patented hinge designs. Indications Moderate to severe ACL, PCL, CI, MCL and LCL instabilities. Features and Benefits • Clinically-proven 4-Points-of-Leverage System • Custom fabricated • Strong, lightweight carbon composite frame •...

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 10

Knee Ligament Bracing Defiance® III / Defiance® - Frame & Hinge Options FRAME OPTIONS SWOOPING • Swooping Thigh Cuff for inner thigh • Standard frame clearance and bilateral brace use • Supra Condylar Pad to promote brace suspension • Supra Condylar Pad to promote brace suspension • Anti-Migration Band anchors on the upper • Anti-Migration Band anchors on the upper calf enhancing brace suspension calf enhancing brace suspension • Opional Swiveling Strap Tabs • Opional Swiveling Strap Tabs HINGE OPTIONS DROP LOCK FOURCEPOINT DAMPENING Polycentric hinge motion The DropLock polycentric hinge...

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 11

Defiance® III / Defiance® Color Options Flat Colors Neon Yellow Neon Orange Light Blue Graphics Colors (Extra Charge) Metallic Colors Metallic Black Metallic Navy Matte Black Metallic Bright Blue Metallic White Metallic Green Metallic Metallic Orange Dark Blue Metallic Purple Metallic Gold Stars & Stripes Flat Metallic Pink Tiger Orange Gradient Colors Snake Camouflage Stars & Stripes Metallic Combination of any 2 FLAT colors only Leopard Carbon Blue Fibre Metallic Silver Neon Pink CCMI Mark III - Measuring Device The Custom Contour Measuring Instrument (CCMI) is Ordering Information used...

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 12

Knee Ligament Bracing Armor FourcePoint™ Indications Moderate to severe ACL, PCL, CI, MCL and LCL instabilities. • Enhanced 4-Points-of-Leverage • Low profile FourcePoint hinge with steel outer plate • Mouldable, medial swooping frame for custom fit • Short calf for boot clearance • Flexion-extension control • Strong aircraft quality aluminium frame • Standard anti-migration Supra Condylar Pad • Internally mounted strap tabs • 1 year warranty on frame and hinge • 6 month warranty on soft goods Ordering Information Armor FourcePoint Part Number Silver Vein Silver Vein Armor with Standard...

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DonJoy Export Catalogue - 13

FullForce™ Lightweight, low profile and easy to wear, the cutaway-angle design of the inner thigh adds comfort. Ideal for the active patient, leisure sports, or activities of daily living. FullForce incorporates DonJoy’s patented 4-Points-of-Leverage design and the FourcePoint hinge design technology, making it suitable for ACL instabilities. Indications Moderate to severe ACL, MCL & LCL instabilities. Features and Benefits • Clinically proven 4-Points-of-Leverage design & FourcePoint hinge technology to maximise ACL protection • Aircraft aluminium grade frame to reduce the brace weight and...

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