DonJoy Force Line Datasheet - 4 Pages

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DonJoy Force Line Datasheet

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Performance & Lifestyle Force Line New Premium Elastic Knitted Supports • Smart Design • Optimal Compression & Support • Anatomical Fit • Superior comfort

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Force Line • 3D contoured knit for effective compression Common Features & Benefits • Wrinkle–free, non–slip fit for comfortable wear • Breathable, hypoallergenic material • Anatomically correct design and compression profile German Engineering & Knitting Technology Compressive elastic knitted wrist support for active stabilisation of wrist joint Compressive elastic knitted elbow support with epicondyle silicone inserts GENUFORCE® Knitted knee sleeve with intelligent compression profile for optimal support and comfort ACHILLOFORCE AIR™ Elastic knitted ankle support with pneumatic aircells...

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Manuforce® INDICATIONS • Chronic, post–traumatic or postoperative inflammation of wrist joint and/or soft tissues • Wrist sprains, Tendonitis (tenosynovitis) • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome • Mild osteoarthritis, Rheumatic wrist pain Comfortable silicone insert Reduces pressure on bony prominence and nerves Malleable palmar aluminum stay for stabilization Can be removed following treatment of acute phase Removable strap To adjust compression level Brace stability Silicon lined stays ensure non–slip grip INDICATIONS • Post–operative or post–traumatic use • Chronic soft tissue inflammation •...

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ORDERING INFORMATION DONJOY® GENUFORCE® Calf Circumference 5 cm under patella (B) Part Number Thigh Circumference 15 cm above patella (A) DONJOY® MALLEOFORCE® Part Number Ankle Circumference DONJOY® ACHILLOFORCE AIR™ Part Number DONJOY® EPIFORCE® Part Number DONJOY® MANUFORCE® Part Number RIGHT Part Number LEFT

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