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The World’s Lightest Off-loading Brace Feather light. Proven Strength.

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OA Nano™ Tru-Pull Lite™ Feather light. Proven Strength. Combining Nano MAG™, a new Hi-Tech material, with DonJoy’s proven Adjuster Technology, OA Nano™ is the world’s Lightest* Functional OA knee brace available, keeping patients moving forward. Indications • Mild to moderate unicompartimental OA • Ideal for patients who want to stay active and move freely Contoured Frame Design For Brace Stability • DonJoy’s proven contoured design enhances brace suspension no matter the level of activity

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Malleable Magnesium For Ultimate Comfort • The flexibility of the magnesium frame allows the cuffs to be adjusted for an intimate fit • Additionally, the incredible properties of magnesium make the brace feel weightless 3-Point Off-Loading Mechanism: Shifts the painful compressive loads from the degenerative area to the healthy compartment Mechanically shifts weight away from damaged compartment Load is transferred to healthy compartment Hi-Tech material For Dependable Off-loading Clinically-Proven Technology • The use of innovative nano MAG™ (on the For Effective Pain Relief and Ligament...

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OA Nano™ ORDERING INFORMATION PART NUMBER SIZE MEASUREMENTS TAKEN 15 CM (6 “) ABOVE MID-PATELLA LEFT LEG, Medial Compartment RIGHT LEG, Lateral Compartment LEFT LEG, Lateral Compartment DJO Global | 1a Guildford Business Park | Guildford | Surrey | GU2 8XG | ENGLAND RIGHT LEG, Medial Compartment

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