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Introduction DJO Global is a leading global developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality medical devices that provide solutions for musculoskeletal health, vascular health and pain management. The company’s brands address the continuum of patient care from injury prevention to rehabilitation after surgery, injury or degenerative disease. For over 30 years, DJO Global’s leading brands, DonJoy, Aircast and Procare, have set a benchmark for leadership, reliability and excellence. Our products contribute to better treatment outcomes in hospitals, clinics and home settings worldwide....

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Adams Collar with Rigid Stay 5 California Collar with Tracheotomy Opening 5 Premium Panel Elastic Binder 6 Criss-Cross Support with Compression Straps 7 Industrial Back Support 7 DJ Elastic Male & Female 9 Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer 12 Shoulder Immobilizer with Foam Straps 12 Deluxe Arm Sling with Pad 14 Universal Surround" Elbow with FLOAM'" 16 Clinic Tennis Elbow 16 ComfortFORM'" Wrist with Abducted Thumb 20 FlexiForm Wrist and Thumb 21 RespiForm Wrist and Thumb 21 Donjoy Cross Strap 24 Drytex'Adjustable Patella Donut 25 Drytex Hinged Lateral "J" 25 Elastic Knee Support 26 Basic Knee...

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Cervical & Spine

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Cervical & Spine C1 Collar Indications • Ideal for supporting the cervical spine in a neutral position • Ideal for cervical sprains and strains, post-injury rehabilitation or post rigid collar use Features & Benefits • Low density foam collar, anatomically preformed • Contoured design at chin and ear level, for better fit • 100% cotton covering • Contact closure strap • Available in two heights - P = 7.5 cm / G = 9.5 cm • Available in Grey or Navy Blue ORDERING INFORMATION Grey Neck Circumf. C2 Collar Indications • Ideal for supporting the cervical spine in a neutral position • Ideal for...

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Cervical & Spine Adams Collar with Rigid Stay Indications • Provides semi rigid support for use in soft tissue damage • Contains mouldable polystyrene beads for optimum fitting and maximum patient compliance Features & Benefits • Polystyrene beads covered by 100% cotton stockinette for comfortable and secure fit • Contact closure for ease of use • Polystyrene beads allow a quick wash and dry • Contoured for anatomic fitting • Sold individually or in packs of 10 ORDERING INFORMATION Unit Neck Circumference California Collar Indications • Ideal for cervical spine immobilisation and extraction...

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Cervical & Spine Premium Panel Elastic Binder Indications • Ideal for providing compression and support for post-natal or post-abdominal surgery, abdominal strains and weakness Features & Benefits • Constructed of elastic panels and soft lining for patient comfort • Flannel lined panel elastic support with contact closure • Multi-panel design helps prevent panel rolling • Available as single unit or in packs of 6 • Available in 3 heights Abdominal Support Indications • Provides adjustable support and compression for abdominal strains and weaknesses • Support for post-natal or post-abdominal...

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Cervical & Spine Criss-Cross Support with Compression Straps Features & Benefits • Elastic criss–cross support (25 cm high) with compression straps • Four dorsal stays: - 2 aluminium stays that can be easily formed to help ensure proper support - 2 plastic stays to maintain position of support Indications • Support and compression for strains and sprains of the low back and abdominal area ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Waist Circumference Industrial Back Support Features & Benefits • Mesh back support (20 cm high) with contact closures • Double-pull elastic compression suspenders • Choice...

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Cervical & Spine ComfortFORM™ Back Indications • Recommended for moderate compression • Support for injuries of the lower back and stabilising support to help prevent spinal overload • Support may also be used to help protect against back injury during demanding activities Features & Benefits • Durable cool mesh elastic for all day wear • Molded back compression pad aligns and fits into lower lumbar region for maximum support • Double pull straps help promote proper spinal alignment • Low profile design for maximum patient comfort and proper fit • Posterior panel accommodates ComfortFORM™...

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Cervical & Spine Immolomb II Indications • Elastic lumbar support with double bilateral straps for adjustable lumbar and sacro-lumbar compression levels • Treatment and prevention of acute or chronic lower back pain • Support during heavy duty tasks Features & Benefits • Lumbar support with 4 flexible lumbar stays and 2 supple abdominal stays • Criss-Cross dorsal lacer system ensures an effortless, yet strong compression • Double bilateral straps allow for independent adjustment of upper and lower compression level • Breathable mesh fabric for optimal patient comfort ORDERING INFORMATION...

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Cervical & Spine Maternity Belt Indications • Ideal for relieving discomfort of pregnancy due to stretching and expansion of the abdomen Features & Benefits • Abdominal strap supports stomach while elastic back provides compression and support for lumbar area • Plush elastic belt helps relieve discomfort of lower abdomen and back during all stages of pregnancy • Optional ComfortFORM™ Moldable Back Insert provides additional support ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Hip Measurement taken during pregnancy Part Number ComfortFORM Moldable Insert ComfortFORM Moldable Insert ComfortFORM Moldable...

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Upper Extremity Clinic Shoulder Immobilizer Indications • Ideal for immobilisation and support of the shoulder and elbow joints • Helps prevent shoulder rotation Features & Benefits • High quality, durable cotton/poly sling with contact closure adjustment on shoulder and body straps • Shoulder pad provides additional comfort • Fits right or left arm ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number Envelope Size - Depth x Length Shoulder Immobilizer with Foam Straps Indications • Ideal for immobilisation and support of the shoulder and elbow joints Features & Benefits • Sling is constructed with soft...

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