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The LED revolution LED OT-light systems for surgery Mach Mach Mach Mach Mach LED 5MC, LED 5 Smart and LED 5SC LED 3MC, LED 3 Smart and LED 3SC LED 2MC, LED 2 Smart and LED 2SC video transmission system with SD camera video transmission system with HD camera

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New highlights in the OT Dr. Mach sets standards in the medical illumination technology for decades. The new OT-light generation with LED technology supports your professionality by innovative technology and design. The advantages of the LED technology: adjustable light colour (MC models and Smart models only), a life-span of minimum 50.000 hours and an almost nonexistent heat development in the surgeon’s head area and in the wound field. The advantages already provided by Dr. Mach’s light technology with halogen and gas discharge lamps have been maintained: natural colour reproduction,...

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Dr. Mach LED technology Dr. Mach provides two different LED technologies for its OT-lights: Common characteristics of the MC models, Smart models and SC models 1. MC models and Smart models Facetted multi-lens system are equipped with Multi-Colour-chips. The use of different-coloured LED-chips allows the surgeon to change the colour temperature of the OT-light depending on the preference for a more cold-white light (colour temperatures ≥ 4500 K) or for a warm-white OT-light (colour temperatures ≤ 4250 K). The surgeon can set the colour temperature according to the tissue structure, the...

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Dr. Mach LED technology Integrated OT-laser pointer (optional) The built-in laser pointer always indicates the middle of the light field and helps the surgeon to find the optimal position of the OT-light to the wound field. The disk sealings of the light outlets and the circumferential sealing cord avoid infiltrations of dust, dirt and liquids inside the lamp head. The laser pointer can be activated either at the key pad on the lamp housing or by a turn of the ring at the sterilisable handle. After a short time the laser pointer turns off automatically. Wall panel Several light functions...

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OT-lights combination: Mach LED 5 / Mach LED 3 with integrated video system and monitor Mach LED 3 with camera 140.000 Lux

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OT-lights combination: Mach LED 2 / Mach LED 3 with camera Mach LED 3 with Kamera 140.000 Lux OT-lights combination with fully cardanic suspension for room heights above 2,80 m

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OT-lights combination: Mach LED 5 / Mach LED 3 with standard axis Mach LED 3 with camera 140.000 Lux OT-lights combination with fully cardanic suspension for room heights above 2,80 m

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OT-lights combinations for low room heights Mobile lights (optionally with integrated video system) Mach LED 5 Mach LED 3 with camera 140.000 Lux Mach LED 5 / Mach LED 3 with camera OT-lights combination with special ceiling arms for low room heights below 2,80 m Mobile light with integrated power supply Mobile light with integrated emergency power unit operating time 3 hours Mach LED 3 / Tandem monitor tray OT-lights combination with special ceiling arms for low room heights below 2,80 m

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Technical Data / Dimensions Technical Data (1) light system Technical Data (1) light system Technical Data (1) light system (1) Further technical details in the data sheet of the lamp, available upon request (2) Ra is an average of R-i = burnt pink, R2 = mustard yellow, R3 = yellow green, R4 = light green, R5 = turquoise blue, R6 = skyviolet, R7 = violet, R8 = lilac. Maximum value = 100. (3) optionally available with different colour temperature ranges (4) optionally available with 160.000 Lux (5) optionally available with 130.000 Lux

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^grated OT video system camera / SD camera Technical data The Dr. Mach HD- and SD-video systems offer highest picture quality with a maximum movability of the light. Advantages of the new Dr. Mach video system • uniform preparation for HD- and SD-camera • 360° continuous rotation in all major joints • easy-mounting due to video signal transmission through the supply cables • camera control with a serial interface or a second control unit • easy fixation of the camera in another OT • streaming, conversion or storage solution available on request HD resolution With the transmission of...

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Subject to change without notice due to technical modification · 59000288 A06 · Version: 04 / 2016 The LED revolution Dr. Mach GmbH &

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