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Agila® EasyLift - 1

Agila® Ceiling Supply Unit Medical Supply Units Featuring a wide range of configurations and options to choose from, the compact and highly ergonomic Dräger Agila® family uses a minimum of precious care care-area. EasyGlide™ bearings Vertical front rails (left) or poles (right) offer easy, infinite height adjustment of workstation components Electrical sockets Ergonomic grips Horizontal stainless steel rails Gas terminal units D-18562-2010 A broad portfolio of harmonised accessories and equipment carriers can be combin

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Agila® EasyLift - 2

02 | Agila® Ceiling Supply Unit Benefits Space-saving versatility The Dräger Agila family of ceiling supply units can enhance care-area efficiency in a number of ways. By getting devices and media supplies off the floor and positioned exactly where you need them, the Agila supports improved patient access, optimised workspace ergonomics and safety, overall ward hygiene as well as faster clean-up and turnaround times. The Agila is compatible with a wide range of the workstation components and can even be fitted with Dräger Color Line media panels to compliment a room colour scheme that...

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Agila® EasyLift - 3

Agila® Ceiling Supply Unit | 03 Benefits critical situations. It gives you ample internal storage space for power supplies and cable leads, keeping these potential dust magnets behind closed doors and out of your working environment. Positioning in 3D The Agila offers enhanced positioning as well as lifting capability. This gives you the ability to adapt to constantly changing workflow profiles and clinical situations. The Agila helps you make the most of the space available. System components Dräger Mova® Cart 2.0 With Mova Cart, you are choosing a mobile, flexible and safe workplace...

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Agila® EasyLift - 4

04 | Agila® Ceiling Supply Unit Rails & Holders Optional rails can be used in combination with a wide range of Drager accessories, as well as conformity-assessed third-party equipment. Shelves & Drawers Drawers and document compartments can optionally be added below the shelves. The automatic closing function ensures that drawers and documentation modules close silently. Infusion Management Adaptation for infusion pumps and other equipment that can be attached to the Aglia column.

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Agila® EasyLift - 5

Agila® Ceiling Supply Unit | 05 Movita® Ceiling Supply Unit Featuring a wide range of configurations and options to choose from, the versatile Drager Movita® family gives you enhanced loading capacity together with virtually unlimited positioning capability. Drager Forta® Ceiling Supply Unit Featuring heavy-duty loading capacity and a wide range of configurations and options to choose from, the Drager Forta® Ceiling Supply Unit provides virtually unlimited positioning capability for serious equipment loads in your OR. Ponta® Beam Supply System Featuring a wide range of beam lengths, column...

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Agila® EasyLift - 6

06 | Agila® Ceiling Supply Unit Ceiling mounting Suspended ceiling depth up to 1,200 mm Mounting on concrete ceiling uses heavy-duty anchors (other construction also possible) Arm length 500 mm, 750 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,250 mm and their combinations Max. load: column / column tube / head Non-height-adjustable Height-adjustable Agila: Agila: 1-arm system Agila: Agila Lift: Agila Lift Express: Agila EasyLift:1 *the 750mm Head is only availabe for the Agila EasyLift Service components1 Media Head 500 Media Head 750 Media Column 400 Media Column 500 Media Column 1,000 Media...

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Agila® EasyLift - 7

Agila® Ceiling Supply Unit | 07

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Agila® EasyLift - 8

08 | Agila® Ceiling Supply Unit 90 66 661 | 15-05-3 | Communications & Sales Marketing | PP | LE | Printed in Germany | Chlorine-free - environmentally compatible | Subject to modifications | © 2015 Dragerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Manufacturer: Drager Medical GmbH Moislinger Allee 53-55 23558 Lubeck, Germany As of August 2015 Drager Medical GmbH changes to Dragerwerk AG & Co. KGaA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Dragerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Moislinger Allee 53-55 23558 Lubeck, Germany REGION EUROPE CENTRAL AND EUROPE NORTH Drager Medical GmbH Moislinger Allee 53-55 23558 Lubeck, Germany Tel +49...

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