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Whether on an intensive care unit, in the operating room, or in the emergency department: To treat critically ill patients as gently as possible and to get them back on the road to recovery, you need medical devices you can rely on to help you perform your job safely and effectively. However: A device is only as good as the accessories needed to operate it. SOMETHING YOU CAN COUNT ON: ORIGINAL VENTILATION ACCESSORIES FROM DRÄGER To ensure that our ventilation accessories provide optimal support for the device, the therapy it provides and the caregiver, we take just as much care during the...

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The quality standards for Dräger ventilation accessories A complete ventilation system – tested and approved The right product for every patient D räger offers you not only device-specific accessories, but also ventilation consumables. Our accessory portfolio is so comprehensive that we can offer a solution for almost any application in connection with our medical devices: From expiration valves to HME and catheter mounts, from neonates to adults and for invasive and non-invasive therapy. Less time, more safety Thanks to their superior performance and ergonomics, ventilation accessories...

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Breathing circuits NEONATAL CARE INTENSIVE CARE Breathing system filters and HME Catheter mounts EMERGENCY DEPT. OPERATING ROOM

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DEVICE RELATED ACCESSORIES FROM DRÄGER: EXPIRATION VALVES These valves Savina disposable expiration valve To ventilate patients for extended periods of time, you need more than just a dependable ventilator. You also need an expiration valve that reliably controls the respiratory phases and regulates PEEP (Positive End-Expiratory Pressure). Expiration valves For the Dräger Evita Family and the Dräger Savina Dräger expiration valves were developed especially for use with Dräger ventilators – and to fit into your workflow. They let you precisely control inspiration and expiration phases of...

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– simple and intuitive replacement – asy assembly, connections e clearly assigned, simple handling – nfinity ID expiration valve with I enhanced functions (in connection with the Dräger Evita Infinity V500 only): > ompatibility control c > xchange monitoring e – neumatically and electromagnetically p controlled valves available (depending on the Dräger ventilator used) Evita Infinity® V500 disposable expiration valve Expiration valves

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NON DEDICATED ACCESSORIES FROM DRÄGER: BREATHING CIRCUITS Dräger VentStar hose for the Oxylog 3000 plus When expired air leads to condensation in the breathing hose, bacterial contamination or damage to the hose can result and the hose must be replaced. Breathing circuits Dräger VentStar® and Infinity® ID Dräger offer you a complete portfolio of breathing circuits in a range of designs for all Dräger ventilators, therapeutic applications, patient groups and care situations. Inspiration circuit

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– he right system for every challenge: t > economical standard solutions made from high-quality materials > inspiratory or dual-heated breathing system hoses > individually extendable, flexible hoses > coaxial breathing system hoses (hose in hose) > water trap breathing hose systems > Infinity ID breathing hose systems > many hoses also available especially for neonatal applications Dräger VentStar Coax 180 coaxial breathing hose Breathing circuits

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NON DEDICATED ACCESSORIES FROM DRÄGER: BREATHING SYSTEM FILTERS AND HME Breathing system filter SafeStar 55 Ventilating patients for long periods of time can be risky. Dry air can damage bronchial self-cleansing mechanisms, and the danger of infection increases. Breathing system filters and HME Dräger HumidStar®, CareStar®, SafeStar® and TwinStar® Dräger offers you a range of breathing system filters for different therapeutic applications and patient groups: From the HME, which reliably holds in moisture and warmth, to pure filtration systems, and on to combination filter HME systems, which...

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– PVC-free – latex-free – a solution for every patient group from infants to adults – highly flexible system configuration: Available as straight or angled model – protects the ventilator: CareStar and SafeStar filter can also be used on the ventilator (on both inspiratory and expiratory connections) Filter/HME Dräger TwinStar® 55 Breathing system filters and HME

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DEVICE RELATED ACCESSORIES FROM DRÄGER: CO2 CUVETTES Dräger CO2 cuvette for adult applications, reusable Is the tube placement correct? How effective is CPR? To adjust ventilation settings optimally for each patient, you have to react to changes in breathing patterns and pulmonary perfusion. Transparent casing capnogram easily visible CO2 cuvettes from Dräger are designed and approved for use Dräger ventilators. They not only work reliably with the device, but also with you: helping you to provide quality care. Distinct color coding easier to select, no mix-ups (adult and pediatric,...

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– nly one cuvette for all Dräger o ventilators: no need to exchange the cuvette when a patient is transferred from the emergency room – practical: after use, the cuvette is disposed of together with the entire breathing hose system – the right CO2 cuvette for adult and pediatric applications – extremely robust – eighs less than 7g: w almost no additional weight on the tube – ompatible with any other c Dräger sensor Dräger Disposable CO2 cuvette for pediatric applications Dräger Disposable CO2 cuvette for adult applications

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NON DEDICATED ACCESSORIES FROM DRÄGER: CATHETER MOUNTS Give them Dräger Airway connector ErgoStar AC 95 Intubated patients are difficult to move, and any manipulation can cause their condition to deteriorate. Catheter mounts Dräger ErgoStar® Tube extensions and airway connectors make it easier for you to safely move adult and pediatric patients. They are very easy to use and help keep your hands free for your patients. Device-sided 22F/15M connector 2-in-1 solution with less dead space External spiral prevents kinking and blockage, offers maximum flexibility and is very lightweight...

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