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Caleo provides superior care for very low birth weight infants Drager. Technology for Life

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A stable thermo-neutral zone supports better outcomes. At birth, premature infants are thrust into a world of enormous challenges. The younger the baby and the lower the birth weight, the more critical it is to provide a microenvironment as close as possible to the womb.

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Caleo Effect - 3

The natural environment of a preterm baby is closed. That’s why Dräger designed the Caleo as a unique closed-care microenvironment that addresses all the diverse needs of your babies. This booklet explains the difference the Caleo can make for preterm babies in terms of thermoregulation, developmental care, patient access, and infection control measures. The net result is a stable thermo-neutral zone that supports better outcomes—both long- and short-term. Connecting to the Baby's Needs Enhancing the Quality of Care A growing body of clinical research demonstrates just how critical...

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Caleo Effect - 4

Thermoregulation Consistently maintain precise temperature and humidity Infants with extremely low birth weight are at particular risk for cold stress. When such an infant experiences heat loss, the physiological responses create demands that exceed the infant’s normal physiological balance. This is because the infant will need to expend energy and metabolize oxygen to produce heat.1 This temperature imbalance can lead to a loss of heat and cause cascading conditions with long-term effects such as hypothermia. Hypothermia may lead to a fall in systemic arterial pressure, decreased plasma...

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Caleo Effect - 5

The ultimate goal of closed care is to create an environment so stable that extremely low birth weight babies are able to maintain a constant body temperature. This state is called the thermoneutral zone. Because of the inability of these infants to sustain temperature fluctuations, the Caleo was designed with advanced technologies to stabilize the internal environment during necessary interventions. The following graphics explain these capabilities. 1. (A J Lyon, Y Freer Goals and options in keeping preterm babies warm Arch Dis Child Fetal Neonatal Ed 2011;96:F71–F74.) 2. (Sinclair, 1992)...

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Caleo Effect - 6

Incubator without an air curtain Gain easy access to the baby, without compromising the environment In a typical nursing shift, multiple caregiver procedures can occur – such as umbilical line insertions, intubations, obtaining chest x-rays, taking vital signs, manipulating intravenous lines, repositioning, and suctioning – which necessitates repeated opening of the incubator to access the baby. Exclusive JumboPorts™, which are 40% larger than conventional access ports, provide unencumbered access to the baby during interventions. The Caleo directly compensates for drop of temperature due...

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Caleo Effect - 7

Therefore, it is critical to have an incubator that can warm up quickly. In an in vitro comparison of warming devices, the Caleo was documented to warm faster and maintain heat and humidity better, even when access ports were opened. Warm Up Period (in minutes) Provide the ideal humidit y Humidity inside the incubator is critical in avoiding transepidermal water loss (TEWL) in pre-term infants. The chart below illustrates the exponential relationship between gestational age and transepidermal water loss at the first day after birth. In the most preterm infants, TEWL gradually decreases and...

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Caleo Effect - 8

Central Temp Peripheral Temp Instantly recognize temperature fluctuations In a thermograph of a preterm baby, you can see a wide variation in temperature throughout the body. The infant’s core temperature is not constant in all tissues and organs, with the brain probably having the highest temperature. The measurement of a single temperature indicates how well a baby is able to maintain that temperature, but does not give any information on the energy being used for thermoregulation. As the only solution that measures, documents and displays both central body and peripheral temperatures,...

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Caleo Effect - 9

heat balance, made easy to learn Dräger created Heat Balance, a simple, interactive way for caregivers to learn about the different types of heat loss and gain, how they affect the baby, and how to use the Caleo settings to create the most thermo-neutral environment possible. Because Heat Balance is a smart phone application, it can be used for training purposes anytime, anywhere. Developmental Care This training tool simulates the heat balance of infants in an incubator and shows the influences of the different types of heat loss and gain. Based on the physical algorithms known for heat...

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Caleo Effect - 10

Developmental Care The in-utero environment of a developing baby is quiet, comforting and connected to the mother. In sharp contrast, the environment of a preterm infant is often painful and noisy, with interruptions in sleep and separation from the mother – which research shows can permanently alter normal brain development.6 Developmental Care Designed to align with developmental care guidelines, the Caleo provides functions and features that take into account the critical importance of family involvement, sound levels in the incubator, light management, and positioning of the baby to...

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Caleo Effect - 11

Support family-centered care Research shows that family-centered care provides significant benefits for the pre-term baby7 – including improved well-being, better mental health outcomes, decreased length of stay, and enhanced parentinfant bonding. The Caleo offers a kangaroo mode that allows you to continue to monitor the baby’s temperature during skin-to-skin care and automatically adjusts the temperature in the incubator based on the baby’s temperature for a smooth transition back to an ideal environment. –– Low height setting (80cm / 31.5in) – accommodates wheelchair-bound mothers who...

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Caleo Effect - 12

Provide a quiet environment Safe sound levels within the NICU are essential for the healthy development of preterm infants. 8 One of the ways the Caleo represents a major advance in performance is by keeping sound levels as low as possible. It is designed to reduce disturbances that can disrupt normal sleep patterns, impact the development of the nervous system, and cause cochlear damage. –– Quiet capsule – the Caleo and all of its components were designed for quiet operation and low internal noise levels (less than 47 dbA). It allows for low air velocity around the infant (less than 8...

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