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Whether you are equipping an emergency room, an intensive care unit, an intermediate care unit or a recovery room, the Drager GeminaDUO® wall-mounted supply column system lets you choose from a wide range of configurations and options, helping to create a workspace for efficient, patient-centred care.

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Benefits Versatile, ergonomic and cost-effective The Dräger GeminaDUO provides enhanced ergonomics and versatile functionality in an intelligent, compact design. It gives you space for up to 30 media terminals for power, gases and data in the single-sided version and up to 56 terminals in the dual-sided model. Various lighting options let your patients read, rest and recover in comfort, while providing high-quality light sources for examination and allowing caregivers to safely navigate around the room at night. Built for easy cleaning with rounded edges and seamless faceplates, the...

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Benefits Two packages are available: the column-integrated light package consists of indirect light and night light; the wall-mounted light element consists of indirect light, night light and reading and examination light. System Components Dräger Advanced Workplace Design Our solutions offer real, round-the-clock improvement for your clinical routine and focus on places where performance demands on your team are highest. Dräger Mounting System Appealing in design, the flexible Dräger Mounting System provides ergonomic positioning in emergency rooms, operating theatres, intensive care units...

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System Components Noise Display SoundEar® Monitor and display background noise levels on your ward to support a comfortable, healthy and healing environment for patients, staff and visitors.1 Accessories Wire baskets The wire baskets are used for storage of disposable catheters or dispoables gloves. The catheters can be simply stored in bundles and are then easy to take out one by one.

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Related Products Dräger Linea® Combine flexibility and economics with a complete line of custom bedhead units that give you electrical, gas and IT supply solutions, and even illumination options for a variety of general and specialised applications. Ponta® Beam Supply System Featuring a wide range of beam lengths, column types and workstation options to choose from, the versatile Dräger Ponta® gives you the ability to supply and position medical equipment and devices for enhanced workspace e

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COLUMN Dimensions (L x W x D) 1500 x 240 x 366 mm incl. caps Useable (38 mm) pole length 1300 mm INSTALLATION PLATES Material Anodised aluminium (standard) Mounting capacity One-sided: max. 30 (14 gases) Two-sided: max. 56 (20 gases) Double-sided: 12 hoses, external diameter 13.5 or 36 cables, diameter 8 or 6 hoses + 20 cables or 8 hoses + 14 cables Based on Drager DIN/German standards CABLE MANAGEMENT Capacity Single-sided: 6 hoses, external diameter 13.5 or 18 cables, diameter 8 or 3 hoses + 10 cables or 4 hoses + 7 cables LIGHT: WALL ELEMENT Dimensions 950 x 270 x 70...

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