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more workspace?” GREAT EXPECTATIONS Since the introduction of anesthesia machines, little has changed with regard to what they do. What has changed is how these machines accomplish these tasks and what doctors, nurses, and hospital decision-makers have come to expect from them. Benchmarking is a reality in modern medicine. Doctors and nurses want to accomplish their goals comfortably and efficiently, while administrators are demanding economical solutions that ensure a good return on the investments they make. At Dräger, we know a lot about anesthesia machines – we invented them. But then...

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Today, an anesthesia machine has to do more than put people to sleep – it has to be a place to work. Everything you need to provide the best possible care should be reflected in the workstation’s design. Configuration should be flexible to ensure the best possible fit to your individual workflow requirements. No long reaches, no searching through menus, no fumbling for accessories, and no shortage of space for storage or documentation. Setup, self-checks, and routine maintenance should be fast and simple. The Perseus A500. What you need, at your fingertips. That’s what accessibility means,...

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Color touch screens with our standardized user interface for reduced training measures and human errors Mobile patient monitoring that travels with patient for continuous surveillance Improved workplace illumination for better legibility and operation in dark environments Hooks and brackets for hose and cable guidance and seating, drawers, and shelves for optimal storage of important material Perseus A500 workstation incl. IACS patient monitoring, C700 for IT and other additional products and options

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Various mounting spots and rails for customized placement of monitoring, IT Hardware, IV pumps, and additional shelves Additional LCD system control field for display of gas and power status as well as airway pressure Large working surface for doing paperwork in comfort and for storing materials High-performance breathing system and ventilator optimized for minimal flow and ICU quality ventilation

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The Perseus A500 was designed around you with ideas from people just like you. It’s a highly integrated, state-of-the-art anesthesia platform that emphasizes ergonomics, ease-of-use, and functionality. Because it’s highly customizable, you can choose from a wide range of options and accessories that will help you optimize your individual workflow. It can help to improve safety by mobile monitor docking for uninterrupted surveillance and RFID technology that can recognize erroneous hose connections, remind you of exchange intervals. Taken together, these and other new features of the Perseus...

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EASY CLEANUP AND MAINTENANCE ACCESS TO THE THINGS YOU NEED The smooth surfaces and materials used make fast and easy cleanup, which – combined with a timer-based wakeup and self-check function – serve to reduce your workload and prep times while conserving energy. Integrated cable management keeps lines and cables out of the way and free of dust and other potential contaminants. The fully integrated breathing system can be accessed and serviced without the need for special tools. The Perseus A500 – combined with the Infinity Acute Care System monitoring solution, M540, and Medical Cockpit –...

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Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Moislinger Allee 53–55 23558 Lübeck, Germany REGION EUROPE CENTRAL AND EUROPE NORTH REGION MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA REGION NORTH AMERICA Dräger Medical GmbH Moislinger Allee 53–55 23558 Lübeck, Germany Tel +49 451 882 0 Fax +49 451 882 2080 Dräger Medical GmbH Branch Office P.O. Box 505108 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel +971 4 4294 600 Fax +971 4 4294 699 REGION EUROPE SOUTH REGION ASIA / PACIFIC Dräger Médical S.A.S. Parc de Haute Technologie d’Antony 2 25, rue Georges Besse 92182 Antony Cedex, France Tel +33 1 46...

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