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Dräger Vapor® 2000 and D-Vapor® – Vaporiser for Volatile Anaesthetic Agents Dräger vaporisers have been the benchmark for quality for over 50 years. Quality trusted by doctors and nurses around the world: to date, over 400,000 Vapor units have been sold to hospitals around the world. SUITABLE FOR ALL PLUG-IN SYSTEMS The vaporisers are designed with flexibility in mind – just like your Dräger anaesthesia workstation. In addition to the Dräger connector system DW-2000, you receive the connector system S-2000 as well. The latter is compatible with the Selectatec® system1 and features the respective interlock systems for multi-vaporiser operation. Both Vapor 2000 and D-Vapor are suitable for all anaesthesia workstations that are equipped with a conical 23 mm ISO connector. The vaporisers also increase safety for your patients – and for you: the AutoExclusion comfort plug-in system from Dräger prevents two ports from being used simultaneously. If you use one vaporiser, the other will be automatically blocked. All filling systems are designed for specific anaesthetic agents. That means: the risk of confusing anaesthetic agents is excluded. In addition, the colour of the caps of the Vapor 2000 and the D-Vapor are labelled according to the colour coding of each anaesthetic agent. Dräger Vapor® 2000 – Isoflurane D-VAPOR: BATTERY OPERATION DURING POWER FAILURE The electronically operated D-Vapor also has a battery installed. If power suddenly fails, it is possible to bridge short power outages. The filling volume of the new Vapor 2000 and the electronic D-Vapor amounts to 300 ml. This means you can completely empty the entire contents of a standard anaesthetic agent bottle containing 250 ml into the vaporiser. Even if the vaporiser still contains remnants of your anaesthetic agent, you can top it off with an entire, new bottle. This not only speeds up your workflow. Since you can refill the anaesthetic agents in one step, you also do not have to worry about keeping any leftovers safe and secure. Dräger Vapor® 2000 – Sevoflurane UNIQUE HAND -WHEEL POSITION FOR SAFE TRANSPORT Even if the vaporiser is turned upside down or tilted during transport: the globally unique transport position of the Vapor family of vaporisers prevents the anaesthetic agent from leaking into the metering elements or escaping into ambient air. After the transport, the vaporisers immediately continue working as per their specifications. SIMPLY MORE VOLUME: 300 ML Dräger D-Vapor® – Desflurane

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DRÄGER VAPOR® 2000 AND D-VAPOR® – VAPORISER FOR VOLATILE ANAESTHETIC AGENTS EXTENDED TEMPERATURE RANGE FROM 10 °C TO 40 °C The new family of vaporisers helps you save time: they do not need to be recalibrated at any time during their period of use. Selectatec is a registered trademark of Datex-Ohmeda. Dräger-Vapor and D-Vapor, as well as Zeus and DIVA are registered trademarks of Dräger. The vaporisers are designed for use with a temperature range of 10 °C to 40 °C. Precise dosing is therefore ensured even with special surgical procedures where heating or cooling plays an important role...

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