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The Dräger Vapor 3000 / D-Vapor 3000


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The Dräger Vapor 3000 / D-Vapor 3000 - 1

The Dräger Vapor 3000 / D-Vapor 3000 Advanced vaporizer with smart functions NEW FEATURES FOR ADDED SAFETY The new Vapor 3000 series incorporates features you know from previous models, such as transport functionality, large filling volume of 300 ml and acoustic filling level alarms. However, it now includes advanced features that help you perform anesthesia with more confidence than ever before. In addition to ensuring secure storage and application of all current volatile agents, it is now equipped with an easy-open sealing cap, as well as setting and filling-level illumination. The control dial features an off (0) setting and a transport setting (T). What’s more, the Vapor 3000 series can now even communicate with the new Perseus A500 anesthesia workstation. The prediction of inspiratory and expiratory volatile-agent concentration can help you perform low- and minimal-flow anesthesia more efficiently and more economically, on a range of patients and in a range of clinical situations. So much more than just a container for volatile agents, the new Vapor 3000 series is now even better, especially in dark environments. In combination with the Perseus A500 anesthesia workstation, it can even help you monitor and plan your anesthesia for improved efficiency. DATA VISUALIZATION WITH THE PERSEUS A500 Predictions are based on advanced mathematical models that take a large number of variables into account. The visualization of prediction and simulation data can help anesthetists fine-tune their experience and promotes efficiency and patient safety – ideal for training and other supervision situations. Communication with the Perseus A500 Vaporizer identification, the control dial position of 0.4 and a reminder to refill the vaporizer. Desflurane vaporizer is set to ‘T’ position. In addition to communication via the control dial setting, alarms and agent identification, the Vapor 3000 series can provide information to the Perseus A500 anesthesia workstation, which can be used to predict volatile-agent concentration over a period of up to 20 minutes. Advanced modelling and data visualization with the Perseus A500 Post-induction phase settings: 18% vol. desflurane concentration and 0.3 l/min. fresh-gas flow.

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The Dräger Vapor 3000 / D-Vapor 3000 - 2

ZERO PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE, The Vapor 3000 series now comes with integrated illumination for both the control dial and filling level indicators. This means you can be sure of your supply and your dosage levels even in dark environments and without the need for additional light sources. The level indicator now magnifies the agent level for better, wide-angle visibility. A blue stripe at the back of the glass further enhances the view of the agent level. The Vapor 3000 series is not only safe and easy to use. It also requires no preventive maintenance. Recalibration is also unnecessary. Its...

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