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Forta® Ceiling Supply Unit


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Forta® Ceiling Supply Unit - 1

Featuring heavy-duty loading capacity and a wide range of configurations and options to choose from, the Dräger Forta provides virtually unlimited positioning capability for serious equipment loads in your OR. VIRTUALLY UNLIMITED 3D POSITIONING The Dräger Forta ceiling supply unit can enhance operating room efficiency in a number of ways. By getting devices and media supplies off the floor and positioned exactly where you need them, the Forta supports improved patient access, optimised workspace ergonomics and safety, overall OR hygiene as well as faster clean-up and turnaround times. The Forta can handle loads of up to 270 kg capacity to accommodate your most demanding equipment requirements, including anaesthesia workstations and surgical trolleys. Together with options like MediaDocking® and our Mova Cart 2.0*, the Forta lets you completely reconfigure an operating room workspace within minutes. Forta arm profiles are available in the lengths of 500, 750, 1,000 and a unique 1,250 mm. These can be freely combined, providing a span of up to 6 m for the complete double-arm system. Arms and column feature 330° rotation. The standard lift function gives you effortless vertical device-positioning power. HEAVY-DUTY VERSATILITY Dräger Forta with MediaDocking® and Mova Cart 2.0* Easy to manoeuvre Conveniently located keypads and large, ergonomically shaped handles allow a single operator to quickly and precisely readjust Forta in any dimension. All rotational joints are equipped with the intelligent pneumatic braking system DualBrake plus™ to ensure safe operation. Heavy-duty EasyGlide™ bearings assure smooth and easy positioning, even when the Forta is fully loaded. In addition, the linear lift system delivers “position-constant” height adjustment to prevent cables and hoses from being crushed or disconnected. * Not yet rated for conformity. For more information, please visit

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Forta® Ceiling Supply Unit - 2

Heavy-duty flexibility The Dräger Forta can be customised to meet your specific needs. Electrical outlets, terminal units, or MediaDocking® – each Forta is built around your individual workflow profile. EasyGlideTM bearings The standard lift capability enables vertical device positioning up to 58 cm, effortlessly and ergonomically HIGHLY CUSTOMISABLE Through a wide range of modular components, the Forta can be tailored to suit your individual equipment requirements. Our universal equipment holder sets the standard for efficient integration of device racks. The unique MediaDocking option...

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Forta® Ceiling Supply Unit - 3

Forta with Primus Both our traditional docking and the innovative MediaDocking systems feature magnetic optoelectronic coupling control, ensuring the safe and secure connection of docked equipment (e.g. anaesthesia workplaces like Dräger Primus or Zeus). These systems save you valuable time and help to reduce the risk of connection errors or accidental disconnections. The Mova Cart 2.0* lift adds even more mobility to the mix. For example, an MIS equipment set-up on a Mova Cart 2.0* can be easily connected, lifted and positioned within minutes – great for multifunctional operating rooms. *...

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Forta® Ceiling Supply Unit - 4

Ceiling mounting Arm length Suspended ceiling depth up to 1,200 mm Mounting on concrete ceiling uses heavy-duty anchors (other construction also possible) 500 mm, 750 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,250 mm and their combinations Service components Forta column:: max. 32 outlets Max. number of service components (electrical outlets and terminal units) based on components corresponding to DIN-CE standard Swivelling range and stops Lifting speed and max. height adjustment Colour Classification 330° at all joints, possible stop settings every 8° resp. 15° (intermediate bearing every 15°) CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS...

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