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Infinity® Explorer is a software application that lets you extend the viewing capability of Infinity monitors* and integrate additional patient information on a separate display. Infinity Explorer runs on the Infinity C700 for IT workstation – the state-of-the-art medical grade computer component of the Infinity Omega solution. Infinity Explorer software bridges the gap between patient monitors and the IT infrastructure of your hospital. The easyto-navigate interface has up to 10 tabs – providing fingertip access to clinical applications. It lets you display all the parameters and waveforms that are available on the bedside monitor – including information from HL7 interfaces and data coming into the monitor from other point-of-care devices. SUPPORTS WORKFLOW AT THE ACUTE POINT OF CARE Infinity Explorer enables dual control of monitoring functions from both the monitor and the workstation. You can control The Vitals screen allows interaction between a workstation and the connected beside monitor, which is the primary monitoring device; offering the following information management capabilities: Event storage: events, 20-second 150 strips, all monitored waveforms Data storage: hours of trended 96 parameter information Data resolution: 30-second sampling Trend tables: 5, 10, 15, 30 or 1, 60-minute display formats Trend graphs: 2, 8, 12, 24, 48, 1, 72 or 96-hour display formats ENHANCED PATIENT MONITORING VIEWER Vitals screen Displays all monitored patient data and integrates it with information from other medical devices BRINGS INFORMATION TO THE POINT alarms, display remote bedside monitors, and access the hospital’s network – including PACS and clinical information systems – without the need for extra hardware. IT applications Lets you view Web-based or Windows®based applications of your choice Infinity Explorer software integrates real-time data from Infinity monitors and a wide variety of clinical applications at the point of care. The result? Faster and easier access to information, which supports better-informed clinical decision-making. Infinity® Explorer Software IT applications Displays DICOM images and X-rays at the bedside * Infinity Omega includes a Delta or Delta XL monitor; I nfinity Omega-S includes a Kappa monitor.

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INFINITY® EXPLORER SOFTWARE SCALES TO MEET YOUR NEEDS REMOTE BEDSIDE VIEWER TERMINAL EMULATOR APPLICATIONS Infinity Explorer software is designed as a set of applications, so you can begin with one application and then add others according to your needs. (REQUIRES INFINITY GATEWAY) Acts as a terminal emulator for compatible hyper terminal applications. WORLD WIDE WEB VIEWER WINDOWS/WEB-BASED CLINICAL Lets you access the hospital network via Internet Explorer from the Vitals tab. Displays monitoring information from any remote bedside monitor that can be accessed by the Infinity Gateway...

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