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Infinity® HemoMed Pod


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Infinity® HemoMed Pod - 1

The HemoMed™ pod measures hemodynamic data using a single cable to connect the pod to the Infinity® patient monitor. This design reduces cable clutter and simplifies the process of connecting invasive lines. Plus, you can zero all pressures simultaneously and start Cardiac Output (C.O.) or Pulmonary Wedge Pressure (PWP) monitoring – right at the bedside. – Simplifies connection of invasive lines by using a single cable between the pod and monitor – Reduces cable clutter at the bedside – Lets you control pressure monitoring from the bedside TECHNICAL DATA Measuring Capabilities Displayed parameters Systolic, mean and diastolic invasive pressures; cardiac output; blood temperature; and injectate temperature Invasive Pressure (IBP) Method Resistive strain gauge transducer Display resolution 1 mmHg Measuring range -50 to 400 mmHg Frequency ranges DC to 8 Hz, DC to 16 Hz, and DC to 32 Hz (user-selectable) Zero balance ± 200 mmHg Transducer specifications Dräger-approved transducers with a resistance of 200Ω to 3000Ω and an equivalent pressure sensitivity of 5µV/V/mmHg ± 10% Accuracy ± 1 mmHg or ± 3%, exclusive of transducer (whichever is greater) IBP alarm User-selectable upper and lower limits for systolic, mean and diastolic pressures Accessories Dräger-approved pressure transducers Cardiac Output Displayed parameters Cardiac output, blood temperature and injectate temperature Method Thermodilution Infinity HemoMed Pod Measures hemodynamic data at the bedside

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Infinity® HemoMed Pod - 2

CONTINUING TECHNICAL DATA Measuring Range Cardiac output 0.5 to 20 L/min Blood temperature 25 °C to 43 °C (77 °F to 109 °F) Injectate temperature -5 °C to 30 °C (23 °F to 86 °F) Accuracy ± 5% (with 0 °C injectate) Cardiac output start Fixed key on pod; menu selection on monitor Storage 375 to 795 mmHg (50 to 106 kPa) Standards IEC 60601-1 and applicable particular and collateral standards, IEC 60601-1-2, Electromagnetic compatibility CISPR 11, Class B. IBP complies with the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) 93/42 EEC and bears the CE mark. IEC60601-2-34, Invasive blood pressure ORDERING...

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