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Infinity ® Kappa Patient Monitor - 1

Infinity® Kappa Patient Monitor Intended for fixed monitoring at the bedside, the Kappa monitor supports all patients from adults to neonates, in all acuity levels. The standard monitor includes a CPU base unit that is compatible with standard medical-grade, flat-panel displays. – Works as a standalone device or connects to Infinity® Network via DirectNet or wireless adapter for wired or wireless networking – Scales using Infinity pods and software options – Provides user-defined setups (one standard, up to five when equipped with the Advanced Communication Option) Monitoring Capabilities Neonatal, pediatric and adult applications Infinity Kappa Provides fixed monitoring at the bedside, with a built in power supply. TECHNICAL DATA SUPPORTED PARAMETERS ECG Displays up to 12 leads Available leads I, II, III, aVR, aVF, aVL, V, V+, V1 – V6 [V, aVR aVF, aVL only with 5- and 6-lead sets, V+ only with 6-lead set, V1 to V6 only with 12-lead pod (12-lead not intended for neonates)], TruST® 12-lead with reduced lead-set (6-wire): I, II, III, aVL, aVR, aVF, dV1, V2, dV3, dV4, V5 and dV6 (indicated for adults and pediatrics).1 Measuring range (heart rate) Frequency ranges Filter off: 0.05 to 40 Hz display; 0.05 to 125 Hz printer Monitoring filter: 0.5 to 40 Hz; ESU filter: 0.5 to 16 Hz Optimum performance of TruST leads is based on a minimum 0.3mV amplitude and QRS duration <180 milliseconds on patients with a body surface area (BSA) of 1.5 – 2.5 m2. TruST 12-lead reduced lead-set ECG algorithm provides 12-lead monitoring using a standard 6-wire lead-set and standard lead placement for limb leads, V2 and V5. ARIES software option enhances TruST 12-lead monitoring with the addition of 12-lead ST Analysis.

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Infinity ® Kappa Patient Monitor - 2

INFINITY KAPPA PATIENT MONITOR CONTINUING TECHNICAL DATA QRS Detection Range Amplitude Adult and pediatric: 70 to 120 msec Neonatal: 40 to 120 msec Alarms Pacer detection (adult/pediatric) User-selectable upper and lower limits Leads: I, II or III Amplitude: ±2 to ±700 mV Width (d ): 0.2 to 2.0 msec ST (not intended for neonates) Available leads ST complex length With 3-lead ST option: Choice of any 3 available leads With ARIES option: Up to 12 leads 892 msec (-300 to +600 msec from fiducial point) Sample rate Frequency response Isoelectric measurement point Measuring range Start of ECG...

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Infinity ® Kappa Patient Monitor - 3

INFINITY KAPPA PATIENT MONITOR Pulse Oximetry (SpO2) SpO2 algorithm Masimo® SET® (Signal Extraction Technology) Masimo provides the industry “gold standard" technology for motion tolerant pulse oximetry as documented in Masimo’s peer reviewed studies ( See Infinity Masimo SET SmartPod® datasheet for more detailed specifications. Nellcor™ OxiMax™ 2 See Nellcor OxiMax SmartPod datasheet for more detailed specifications. Dräger’s OxiSure SpO2 Connection MultiMed® pods (SpO2 port) Displayed parameters Saturation (fraction of oxyhemoglobin to functional hemoglobin) and pulse...

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Infinity ® Kappa Patient Monitor - 4

NFINITY KAPPA PATIENT MONITOR CONTINUING TECHNICAL DATA Cuff pressure Default inflation pressure Inflation pressure after a valid measurement (Last Systolic +25 mmHg) ±10 mmHg (Last Systolic +25 mmHg) ±10 mmHg (Last Systolic +30 mmHg) ±5 mmHg Maximum inflation pressure Minimum inflation pressure Quick-release connector with single airway Invasive Blood Pressure_ Measuring method Resistive strain gauge transducer Display resolution 1 mmHg_ Measuring range_ -50 to 400 mmHg (after zeroing)_ Frequency ranges DC to 8 Hz, DC to 16 Hz, or DC to 32 Hz (user-selectable) Zero balance range_ ±200...

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Infinity ® Kappa Patient Monitor - 5

NFINITY KAPPA PATIENT MONITOR DISPLAY SPECIFICATIONS Type Medical grade independent TFT active matrix LCD Channels 4 standard, 6, 8 optional User interface Easy-to-use menu structure with rotary knob and fixed keys (accuracy only guaranteed for a 15" display) Priorities 3; High (Life Threatening), Medium (Serious), Low (Advisory) Audio alarm tones User Selectable: Infinity, IEC 12 or IEC 2 2 MultiMed cables, HemoMed pod, 3 Pod Communication ports, NBP Input, 1 port for Masimo SET SmartPod or Nellcor OxiMax SmartPod2 or Scio® Four modules or remote keypad or alarm output, analog output, QRS...

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Infinity ® Kappa Patient Monitor - 6

06 I INFINITY KAPPA PATIENT MONITOR CONTINUING TECHNICAL DATA BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS Internal battery Battery type: lithium-ion Battery capacity: 180 minutes Charging time 6.5 hours at 25 °C Battery capacity varies with parameter configuration. The battery capacity specified above is under the following load conditions: MultiMed with Sp02 sensor4, 2 temperature probes, HemoMed pod with 4 IBP transducers and a catheter, NBP taking measurements every 15 minutes, and no continuous tone being generated. Advanced Communication Options and medical grade display are not supported during battery...

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Infinity ® Kappa Patient Monitor - 7

INFINITY KAPPA PATIENT MONITOR CONTINUING ORDERING INFORMATION 3368391 NeoMed, 2.5 m ECG (3-lead-wires), impedance respiration, two temperatures, SpO2* and FiO2. MT-1126-2007 MultiMed or NeoMed Pole/Rail Mount MultiMed 12 Pod 5 For diagnostic12-lead ECG and SpO2* *SpO2 measurements are not available from the MultiMed pods and cables if you are using an alternate source of SpO2 Nellcor OxiMax SpO2 SmartPod 2, 5 Software Options 5 Waveform Channel Option 6 Waveform Channel Option SpO2 Pods Masimo SET SpO2 SmartPod 5 6 - 8 Waveform Channel Option Arrhythmia II Option (ACE®) Wireless Option**...

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Infinity ® Kappa Patient Monitor - 8

INFINITY KAPPA PATIENT MONITOR 90 51 665 | 04.13-2 | Communications & Sales Marketing | PP | Pr | LE | Printed in Germany | Chlorine-free – environmentally compatible | Subject to modifications | © 2013 Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA CONTINUING ORDERING INFORMATION Neurological Monitoring EEG Pod5 Infinity Network Laser Printer (115 V) Infinity Network Laser Printer (220 V) Other Accessories Remote Keypad Displays 15" Flat Panel Display 17" Flat Panel Display 19" Flat Panel Display Requires VF8 software 3 Certain markets do not offer this algorithm 4 Only available with Dräger’s OxiSure...

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