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Infinity® Omega-S Solution


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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 1

MT-1366-2007 Integrating patient information at the point of care INFINIT Y ® OMEGA-S SOLUTION

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 2

At Dräger, we understand that having comprehensive patient information is essential for providing quality care. That’s why we have taken patient monitoring to the next level by bringing the information you need where you need it – right to the point of care.

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 3

|3 MT-1387-2007 See more.more. Know To understand your patient’s condition, you need to see the full spectrum of available patient data. Seeing real-time vital signs is the first step. But to make evidence-based decisions, you also need to see lab results, images and historical patient data. Now you can see the big picture of patient information – all on one 20” wide touchscreen display – with Infinity® Omega-S, one of Dräger’s Infinity Omega solutions. Designed for stationary monitoring at the point of care, Infinity Omega-S integrates an Infinity Kappa patient monitor with an Infinity...

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 4

4| What is Infinity Omega-S? D-2394-2009 Infinity Kappa monitor* Designed for fixed monitoring at the bedside, Infinity Kappa is a CPU base unit that has a built-in power supply and Infinity Network connection. It offers comprehensive monitoring for all patient types, with a parameter set that includes multiple-lead ECG, respiration, comprehensive arrhythmia classification, dual temperature, cardiac output, noninvasive blood pressure, and multiple invasive pressures – plus it can scale from basic monitoring to using the full range of Infinity high-acuity parameter pods. *Shown with...

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 5

|5 Compelling clinical benefits THE BIG PICTURE The award-winning* Infinity C700 is a state-of-the-art medical-grade workstation that combines a CPU with a 20” wide touchscreen display. The durable glass surface provides optical brilliance and a wide viewing angle. The thin industrial design saves space at the bedside, while the quiet fan-less design supports hygienic environments. COMPREHENSIVE PATIENT INFORMATION Infinity Omega-S brings together patient data from diverse sources – such as vital signs, lab data, patient data management systems, and images in both DICOM and HTML formats, so...

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 6

6| D-2394-2009 How does Infinity Omega-S work? MT-1141-2009 *Shown with medical-grade auxiliary display. Remote Access MT-4639-2006 MT-4526-2006 Infinity CentralStation www. Lab PACS HIS

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 7

|7 D-1135-2009 Vitals: Vital signs with 10 configurable views Vitals D-1136-2009 Remote Remote View: Remote bed views for simultaneous display of up to 4 other patients Innovian Innovian: Patient/anesthesia data management systems D-1137-2009 Internet D-1138-2009 Images Internet: Internet/hospital network applications D-1139-2009 Images: True DICOM and Web-based PACS images Standard Hospital Network / Infinity Network (Infinity OneNet) Infinity OneNet allows you to run wired and wireless monitors on the existing hospital network rather than requiring a separate network for patient monitoring.

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 8

D-2365-2009 8| Integrate patient data at the point of care For example, you can access Dräger’s Innovian® Solution Suite – a powerful patient data management system that includes Innovian Perioperative Care and Innovian Critical Care on the same platform. It allows you to integrate data from medical devices and departmental systems to create a comprehensive view of your patient. You can also access archived patient ECGs via Infinity MegaCare®, Dräger’s Web-based ECG management system. D-1137-2009 D-1139-20096 One-stop access to information from diverse sources is particularly important in...

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 9

|9 Gain remote access to patient information Infinity Symphony Suite expands your access to valuable information stored at the Infinity CentralStation by making it available virtually anywhere on your hospital network. As a result, you can see patient vital signs in near-realtime on your PDA or PC – even from remote locations such as the home or office, or while traveling. MT-7208-2006 MT-4493-2006 Remote access to your patients’ vital signs information supports fast decisions – and with Infinity Omega solutions, you can take advantage of Dräger solutions that enable remote access. Patient...

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 10

D-2354-2009 D-2509-2009 MT-8480-2006 D-1048-2009 10 | Supporting all care areas

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 11

| 11 Today, Infinity Omega solutions support patient-centered care in all departments throughout the hospital by serving as a high-acuity monitoring interface. But Omega also positions your hospital to take advantage of Dräger’s leading innovations in the future. D-1076-2009 Dräger also offers Infinity Omega, Dräger’s flagship monitoring and IT solution that integrates hospital-wide transport based on Dräger’s patented Pick and Go® technology. This technology enables you to pick up the monitor and go with the patient on transport – so there’s no switching of patients between bedside and...

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Infinity® Omega-S Solution - 12

Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Moislinger Allee 53–55 23558 Lübeck, Germany REGION EUROPE CENTRAL AND EUROPE NORTH REGION MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA, CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA Dräger Medical GmbH Moislinger Allee 53–55 23558 Lübeck, Germany Tel +49 451 882 0 Fax +49 451 882 2080 Dräger Medical GmbH Branch Office Dubai Dubai Healthcare City P.O. Box 505108 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel + 971 436 24 762 Fax + 971 436 24 761 REGION EUROPE SOUTH REGION ASIA / PACIFIC Dräger Médical S.A.S. Parc de Haute Technologie d’Antony 2 25, rue Georges Besse...

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