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Mova® Cart 2.0


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Mova® Cart 2.0 - 1

Dräger Mova® Cart 2.0 Highly functional medical hardware rack With Mova® Cart, you are choosing a mobile, flexible and safe workplace concept. Streamline your workflow and reduce the workload on your operating room and intensive care staff with an efficient and highly mobile device transport and docking system. Configure your equipment and accessories on the Mova Cart specific to the various treatments carried out: this way your equipment can be used flexibly throughout the hospital – right up to the patient’s bed. The mobility gained through the Mova Cart provides for an optimal use of your equipment park. By combining the Mova Cart with Dräger ceiling supply units (e. g. Movita), you are ensured easy and uninhibited positioning of equipment within the room. When raised, the Mova Cart lift allows for quick and thorough floor disinfection: –– Easy but safe mounting system –– Cart can be raised 60 cm off the floor –– Correct positioning at the required work height –– Improved hygiene –– Fast and direct connections to all electrical and gas outlets –– avoiding long cables and hoses –– reducing tripping hazards –– offering increased safety, especially during repositioning The same applies to the docking version, where the Mova Cart is not lifted but rolled along the floor together with the supply unit as a single unit. D-2745-2011 Special feature: The Mova Cart lift offers the option of raising the equipment off the floor! Tripping hazards, caused by cables and hoses lying on the floor, are now a thing of the past. Also a great advantage when repositioning the ceiling supply units. The risk of accidental disconnection is reduced and continuous connection is ensured. Mova® Cart with MediaDocking® and supply unit Movita Lift

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Mova® Cart 2.0 - 2

DRÄGER MOVA® CART CART 2.0 Mova Cart Lift in minimal invasive surgery Mova Cart lift can be positioned at an ergonomic working height for the convenient and safe operation of your OR equipment. To reduce OR set-up times, especially in multifunctional ORs, we offer Mova Cart with MediaDocking®. The Dräger lifting system ensures a quick and safe mounting of the Mova Cart lift onto the ceiling supply unit. Detailed View Cable Management The Dräger lifting system ensures a quick and safe mounting of the Mova Cart lift onto the ceiling supply unit. Using the side handles, the cart can be...

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Mova® Cart 2.0 - 3

DRÄGER MOVA® CART CART 2.0 Mova Cart Lift in the intensive care The smaller Mova Cart is ideal for setting up your ventilation area with a flexible cart. Hemodynamic monitoring can be positioned ergonomically directly above the cart on the Movita Column or Movita Rack. The Mova Cart can be attached to the supply unit in two different ways: Lifting The Mova Cart lift can be mounted onto the ceiling supply unit quickly and safely. The coupling mechanism ensures secure lifting of the equipment cart by the ceiling supply unit. An alternative to the lifting is the docking-system: Mobility The...

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Mova® Cart 2.0 - 4

Mova® Cart Lift with MediaDocking® Mova® Cart Lift - 450 Mova® Cart Lift Evita Mova® Cart Evita Docking Order number Connection with the supply unit coupling system for lifting coupling system for lifting and connecting the media coupling system for lifting coupling system for lifting coupling system for connection without lifting Floor lifting height Shelf dimensions TECHNICAL DATA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Moislinger Allee 53–55 23558 Lübeck, Germany REGION EUROPE CENTRAL AND EUROPE NORTH REGION MIDDLE EAST, AFRICA REGION CENTRAL AND SOUTH AMERICA...

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