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Movita® - 1

Movita® Ceiling Supply Unit Medical Supply Units Featuring a wide range of configurations and options to choose from, the versatile Dräger Movita® family gives you enhanced loading capacity together with virtually unlimited positioning capability. EasyGlide™ bearings Vertical front rails offer easy, infinite height adjustment of shelves, drawers, extension arms and other workstation components Electrical sockets Rails for accessories A broad portfolio of harmonised accessories and equipment carriers can be combined Ergonomic grips

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Movita® - 2

02 | Movita® Ceiling Supply Unit Benefits Enhanced versatility The Dräger Movita family of ceiling supply units can enhance care-area efficiency in a number of ways. By getting devices and media supplies off the floor and positioned exactly where you need them, the Movita supports improved patient access, optimised workspace ergonomics and safety, overall ward hygiene as well as faster clean-up and turnaround times. Together with options such as our Mova Cart 2.0 and MediaDocking®, the Movita lets you completely reconfigure any care area within minutes. Custom-built manoeuvrability Through...

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Movita® - 3

Movita® Ceiling Supply Unit | 03 Benefits Twin vertical stainless steel tubes can be fitted directly beneath the head to accommodate rack components in three standard widths. The rack is accessible from all sides, making it ideally suited as a general work surface or for device positioning. Movita Column Available in lengths of 400, 500, 750, 1,000, 1,250 and 1,500 mm, the Movita supply column features fulllength media panels on both sides as well as the rear of the column for the installation of terminals for gases, electricity or data as needed. Vertical front rails with a total loading...

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Movita® - 4

04 | Movita® Ceiling Supply Unit System components Dräger Mova® Cart 2.0 With Mova Cart, you are choosing a mobile, flexible and safe workplace concept. Streamline your workflow and reduce the workload on your operating room and intensive care staff with an efficient and highly mobile device transport and docking system. Accessories Rails & Holders Optional rails can be used in combination with a wide range of Dräger accessories, as well as conformity-assessed third-party equipment. Shelves & Drawers Drawers and document compartments can optionally be added below the shelves. The automatic...

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Movita® - 5

Movita® Ceiling Supply Unit | 05 Accessories Infusion Management Adaptation for infusion pumps and other equipment that can be attached to the Movita column. Dräger Movita® Cable Management System The integrated Movita® Cable Management System will help you organize your workspace and improve your workflow. Developed for use in both OR and ICU environments, the Movita® Cable Management System was designed to meet the needs of surgeons, anaesthesists, nurses and cleaning staff alike. Related Products Agila® Ceiling Supply Unit Featuring a wide range of configurations and options to choose...

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Movita® - 6

06 | Movita® Ceiling Supply Unit Related Products Dräger Forta® Ceiling Supply Unit Featuring heavy-duty loading capacity and a wide range of configurations and options to choose from, the Dräger Forta Ceiling Supply Unit provides virtually unlimited positioning capability for serious equipment loads in your OR. Ponta® Beam Supply System Featuring a wide range of beam lengths, column types and workstation options to choose from, the versatile Dräger Ponta® gives you the ability to supply and position medical equipment and devices for enhanced workspace efficiency. Dräger Gemina®DUO Whether...

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Movita® - 7

Movita® Ceiling Supply Unit | 07 Technical Data Ceiling mounting Suspended ceiling depth up to 1,200 mm Mounting on concrete ceiling uses heavy-duty anchors (other construction also possible) 500 mm, 750 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,250 mm and their combinations Non-height-adjustable Movita Height-adjustable Movita Movita Lift Movita Lift Express Service components* Media Head Media Column 400 Swivelling range and stops 330° at all joints, possible stop settings every 8° resp. 15° (intermediate bearing every 15°) Movita lift: <20 sec. for 600 mm ± 25 mm Movita lift express: <10 sec. for 600 mm ± 25 mm...

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Movita® - 8

90 66 662 | 15-05-4 | Communications & Sales Marketing | PP | LE | Printed in Germany | Chlorine-free – environmentally compatible | Subject to modifications | © 2015 Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA 08 | Movita® Ceiling Supply Unit CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Moislinger Allee 53–55 23558 Lübeck, Germany Dräger Medical GmbH Moislinger Allee 53-55 23558 Lübeck, Germany As of August 2015 Dräger Medical GmbH changes to Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Locate your Regional Sales Representative at: REGION EUROPE CENTRAL AND EUROPE NORTH REGION MIDDLE...

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