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Dräger Polaris® 5xx/7xx Simply good light! These lights were designed for superior efficiency and compatibility, representing the state of the art in illumination technology. High-power LEDs last up to 30 times longer than conventional halogen lights while consuming less energy. That means significant savings. Imagine up to 30,000 hours of quality illumination. The light column produced by the Polaris 5xx/7xx is long and homogenous, eliminating the need for constant repositioning or refocusing. Even the deepest surgical cavities are illuminated. The Polaris 500 light head is a good choice to expand on the illumination performance of Polaris 700 even further. Featuring a total of 60 LEDs, the Polaris 500 can be used in several combinations or as a single minor surgical light. – Output range: 46,000 – 110,000 lx – Illumination depth: 1,100 mm The Polaris 700 light head features 54 precision reflectors and a total of 108 LEDs, bundled together in 6 separate arrays that move in unison to focus the beam when the sterile central handle is rotated. The active emitting surface provides homogeneous light distribution and shadow control. – Output range: 70,000 – 160,000 lx – Illumination depth: 1,100 mm STAY COOL – GET REAL The color temperature of both light heads is 4,600 K neutral white, providing a realistic and detailed view of the operating field. The light beam projected by the LEDs is inherently cool; the thermal energy produced in the light head is dissipated by the integrated thermal management system TMS. The result is a cooler operating field. A compact, aerodynamic light head design helps to maintain the laminar flow surrounding the working area. LED replacement is simple and requires no special tools. A compact, aerodynamic light head design helps to maintain the laminar flow

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handles for enhanced ergonomics. The Polaris 5xx/7xx conforms to the DIN 1946-4:2008-12 Appendix E hygiene standard and can be uses with laminar flow systems. The Polaris comes with a proven suspension system which includes a simple, straightforward operating concept. Because progress in LED technology is so rapid, even more efficient diodes will be available in the not-too-distant future. The modular design of the Polaris means that upgrading to these new LEDs will be easier and more economical. The Endolight functionality, featuring a dimmed light intensity of 3,000 lux, brings the...

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Polaris® 5xx/7xx - 3

Polaris HD camera Simply great definition! THE HD ADVANTAGE High definition has become the new standard for all kinds of imaging applications. It delivers professional quality, highly detailed, razor sharp images. That’s why Dräger is also offering this high resolution video option for the Polaris line. The HD option is an excellent choice for creating training media, presenting live operations or for precise documentation of intricate procedures. The realistic image quality this system delivers gives the viewer the impression of actually being there. With the Polaris 760 and Polaris 560...

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Diameter of light heads Max. illuminance in 1 m distance at 4,600 K Light field diameter adjustable Colour temperature Light emitting surface Colour rendering-index Ra Depth of illumination (L1 + L2) Light sources [pcs] Life time light sources4 [h] Max. power consumption of all light sources [W] Power supply Input into universal switch unit [V] Camera 108 W 24 V DC, 100 V - 240 V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz integrated SD or HD camera / external MedView camera 60 W 24 V DC, 100 V - 240 V AC, 50 Hz/60 Hz integrated SD or HD camera / external MedView camera Polaris 700 and Polaris 500 – light heads...

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