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Primus Infinity® Empowered - 1

MT-5479-2008 Welcome to the next level DRÄGER PRIMUS ® INFINITY ® EMPOWERED

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Primus Infinity® Empowered - 2

02 | DRÄGER PRIMUS® INFINITY® EMPOWERED Keeping you D-16183-2009 connected Being at the center of the process means you have to communicate with many different sources. It means being both informed and providing information to others. You’re playing a vital role in an increasingly complex healthcare system. To provide state-of-the-art care every step of the way in the most cost-effective way possible, it’s essential to get connected. So why settle for a solution that wasn’t built to meet those challenges? After listening to medical professionals from all over the globe, we decided to create...

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Primus Infinity® Empowered - 3

| 03 Introducing the Dräger Primus® Infinity® Empowered MT-5442-2008 SUPPORT The Dräger Primus Infinity Empowered combines time-tested design with state-of-the-art technology to answer the demand for an innovative, comprehensive anesthesia solution for today’s increasingly complex medical environments. It was built to provide optimal workflow support in practically every phase of the OR process. CONNECTIVITY Built to work seamlessly with the Dräger Infinity Acute Care System, the Primus Infinity Empowered lets you take advantage of the modern monitoring and anesthesia information system...

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Primus Infinity® Empowered - 4

04 | DRÄGER PRIMUS® INFINITY® EMPOWERED Critical care MT-5342-2008 ventilation The next level of reliable performance Today’s high acuity levels and rising comorbidity are driving the demand for new standards for anesthesia platforms. Equipped with Dräger’s advanced E-Vent plus high-speed electric piston ventilator, the Primus Infinity Empowered delivers just that – peak flow comparable to ICU ventilators and a full range of volume and pressure oriented modes that will provide the therapy options you need in daily clinical situation. An adjustable flow trigger helps reduce respiratory work,...

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Primus Infinity® Empowered - 5

| 05 Patient Monitor C700 for IT application Vaporizer Compact Breathing System General User Interface MT-6478-2008 CLIC Absorber Compact Trolley The advanced features Taken together, the advanced features of the Dräger Primus® Infinity® Empowered let you bring ICU-quality ventilation to the operating room, providing your patients with a new level of care. – Improved neonatal ventilation with accurate tidal volume settings down to 5 ml and frequencies up to 100 1/min – Continuous positive airway pressure with pressure support ventilation allows spontaneous breathing on a set pressure level...

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Primus Infinity® Empowered - 6

06 | DRÄGER PRIMUS® INFINITY® EMPOWERED MT-5370-2008 COMPREHENSIVE MONITORING INTUITIVE USER INTERFACE Learning to use sophisticated new equipment can be a daunting and sometimes intimidating task. That’s why Dräger has developed and maintained a common user interface and operating philosophy for a wide range of our medical equipment. But even in the unlikely event that the Primus Infinity Empowered is the first Dräger device you’ve ever used, you’ll soon discover that the large and extremely intuitive TFT color user interface will guide you through its features and systems with minimal...

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Primus Infinity® Empowered - 7

System Components and Accessoires Compact Breathing System Integrated Oxygen Therapy Large Writing Tray Easy to mount and disassemble featuring 02 supply up to 12 L/min This writing tray can easily be mounted breathing system with integrated and mechanical airway pressure and it fits A3 paper format. heater. monitoring. Infinity® ID Breathing Hoses Infinity® ID WaterLock 2 Infinity® ID CLIC Absorber The ID breathing circuits offer a new The ID WaterLock 2 tells you when Easy to change soda lime cardridges, and wide range of comfort properties. to exchange it. even during operation. DRAGER...

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Primus Infinity® Empowered - 8

Operating data Weight Dimensions (H x W x D) Power Operating voltage Integrated power backup Serial interface Protocol Ventilator E-Vent® plus Operating Modes Pressure limitation PMAX (in Volume Mode) Pressure limitation PINSP (in Pressure Mode) Trigger Tidal volume (in Volume Mode) Tidal volume (in Pressure Mode) Breathing frequency (freq.) Inspiration time (TINSP) Inspiration/Expiration time ratio (I:E) Plateau time (TIP:TINSP) Inspiratory flow PEEP in Volume Mode PEEP in Pressure Mode Fresh-gas flow TSLOPE (in Pressure Mode and Pressure Support) Total system leakage O2 flow control 147...

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