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Primus® - 1

D-16232-2009 Your personal anesthesia assistant DRÄGER PRIMUS® Dräger. Technology for Life ®

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Primus® - 2

02 | DRÄGER PRIMUS An entire world of care D-16243-2009 You're playing a vital role in an increasingly complex healthcare system. Your job is to provide state-of-the-art care every step of the way, and to do it in the most cost-effective way possible. So why settle for a solution that wasn't built around your needs and the needs of your patients? In today's highly integrated hospital environment, anaesthetists often find themselves at the very core of a highly complex process. Faced with factors such as new and demanding procedures and techniques, increased patient throughput, spiraling...

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Primus® - 3

D-16176-2009 D-16302-2009 | 03 Introducing the Dräger Primus® SUPPORT SIMPLICITY The Dräger Primus combines time-tested design with stateof-the-art technology to answer the demand for an innovative, comprehensive anesthesia solution for today's increasingly complex medical environments. Its ergonomic design provides reliable workflow support in practically every phase of the OR process. The Primus features the familiar user interface concept common to all current Dräger medical devices. Its clear, intuitive structure supports a rapid familiarization process, making it easier for your staff...

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Primus® - 4

04 | DRÄGER PRIMUS Advanced therapy at your fingertips OUTSTANDING VENTILATION D-16259-2009 D-1421-2009 Today's high acuity levels and rising comorbidity are driving the demand for new standards for anesthesia platforms. Equipped with Dräger's advanced E-Vent plus high-speed electric piston ventilator, the Primus delivers just that – peak flow comparable to ICU ventilators and a full range of volume and pressure oriented modes that will provide the therapy options you need in any clinical situation. Aside from its wide range of available ventilation modes, the Primus offers options such as...

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Primus® - 5

| 05 Patient Monitor General User Interface Anesthetic Gas Delivery Unit Compact Breathing System CLIC Absorber D-8103-2009 Compact Trolley COMPREHENSIVE MONITORING The Primus not only provides state-of-the-art therapy. Equipped with one of the most advanced, open architecture monitoring concepts on the market today, the Primus workstation can be configured individually around your workflow. You can customize your own workplace by integrating our Infinity Patient Monitoring System and information management system. Dräger's unique Pick and Go transport concept not only offers seamless data...

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Primus® - 6

06 | DRÄGER PRIMUS Learning to use sophisticated new equipment can be a daunting and sometimes intimidating task. That's why Dräger has developed and maintained a common user interface and operating philosophy for a wide range of our medical equipment. If you've used a Dräger device before, you'll pro-bably find that you can learn to use a new one very quickly. Of course, the Primus is no exception. But even in the un-likely event that the Primus is the first Dräger device you've ever used, you'll soon discover that the large and extremely intuitive TFT color user interface will help you...

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Primus® - 7

| 07 Training for the challenges of tomorrow DRÄGER EDUCATION & TRAINING D-9376-2009 The healthcare sector faces a constant challenge of continuing medical education in order to meet stringent quality standards, often with little or no available budget. In the modern medical world, the safe and effective use of medical devices is an essential part of that challenge. Our education and training tools, including everything from basic device training to management skill courses, help your staff develop knowhow they need to make the most of your investments and your resources. D-21159-2009...

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Primus® - 8

08 | DRÄGER PRIMUS Gas flow control Weight Dimensions (H x W x D) Power Operating voltage Integrated power backup Ventilator E-Vent® plus Operating Modes 115 kg (without vaporizers or cylinders) 137 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm 200 W, typical 100–240 V~, 45–65 Hz at least 30 minutes, typical 90 minutes, depending on ventilation mode Electrically driven and electronically controlled Manual, spontaneous, Volume Mode (IPPV), Pressure Mode (PCV), Optional: Pressure Support (PS), Synchronized volume controlled ventilation (SIMV), optional with PS, Synchronized pressure controlled ventilation, optional...

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