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Keep your target in sight DRÄGER SMARTPILOT® VIEW Dräger. Technology for Life ®

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DRÄGER SMARTPILOT® VIEW data to information to knowledge Because a single picture can often say more than words, considerable emphasis has been placed on the field of visualization. Advanced computers can handle and manipulate huge amounts of data so quickly that the process of visualization is possible, for all practical purposes, in real time. Until now, monitoring in anaesthesia meant nothing more than watching a stream of raw data, projected on a screen in the form of numbers or curves. The interpretation of that data is often time consuming and can be prone to error. The innovative...

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DRÄGER SMARTPILOT® VIEW Advanced process support. The SmartPilot® View provides valuable support during the entire OR process- from induction to recovery. What level of anaesthesia will result after the administration of a combination of volatile and intravenous drugs? Until now, anaesthesiologists have had to rely solely on mental arithmetic and experience. SmartPilot View now turns drug dosage data into visual information on the anaesthesia level that’s easy to understand - without the need for additional sensors. DECISION SUPPORT Estimating the concentrations of anaesthetic agents and...

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04 1 DRAGER SMARTPILOT® VIEW SmartPilot® View: the new dimension of anaesthesia decision support SmartPilot View The bars indicate when recovery can be expected if the administration of all drugs is discontinued Event markers can be set as references for Analgesic levd Y-axis = Calculated hypnotic drug concentration at effect site White point shows calculated drug concentration at the effect site Black point shows forecast of calculated X-axis = Remifentanil equivalent calculated drug concentration at effect site Manual Sufenianil [5 |K^mLj Case time Isobole MAC90: probability that 90% of...

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DRÄGER SMARTPILOT® VIEW Vital signs from patient monitoring BIS Index based on processed EEG Noxious Stimulus Response Index (NSRI): Information from the 2d display translated and plotted over time Lines show trend and prediction of bolus as well as continuous infusion for each drug Grey curves show calculated drug concentration at the effect site compartment Timescale displaying history, present and prediction as well as event and bolus markers

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DRÄGER SMARTPILOT® VIEW for a wide range of users Anaesthesiologists of any experience level can profit from the SmartPilot View. Consultants and supervisors can take advantage of obtaining a rapid overview of the course of procedures in the ORs they are responsible for. It’s also a great tool when transferring responsibility during a procedure. Because the SmartPilot View provides visual feedback on the dose/effect ratio, it supports the learning and decision decision-making during procedures. THE USE OF DRÄGER SMARTPILOT ® VIEW CAN – analysing the anaesthetic effect and optimizing the...

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DRÄGER SMARTPILOT® VIEW PRIMUS® INFINITY® EMPOWERED WITH SMARTPILOT® VIEW ZEUS® INFINITY® EMPOWERED WITH SMARTPILOT® VIEW – Comprehensive overview on a 20” multi-application screen – Easy accessibility via application view tabs – Prediction of anaesthesia level, based on pharmacokinetics and -dynamics – Data transfer of syringe pump settings, Primus measured ventilation and gas concentration values – Editable drug data base – Comprehensive overview on a 20” multi-application screen – Easy accessibility by application view tabs – Prediction of anesthesia level, based on pharmacokinetics and...

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Patient demographic data Height 150 – 200 cm 40 – 140 kg Weight 18 – 90 years Age < 30 Body mass index (BMI) The limitations of the patient demographic data are due to the calculation of lean body mass using the formula from James [James WPT. Research on obesity. London. Her Majesty's Stationery Office. (ISBN 0-11-4500347). 1976]. SmartPilot® View Software version 1.n For use with Draeger Infinity® C700 for IT and Infinity Explorer. Classification Classification in accordance with Directive 93/92/EEC Annex IX General SmartPilot View for online calculation of anaesthesia drug effect for use...

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