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Designed to grow with your needs. Vamos has the flexibility to meet your requirements both now and in the future. The Vamos can be configured with CO2 and SpO2 monitoring and upgraded in the future to include monitoring for all 5 anesthetic agents and N2O. The upgrade option can easily be installed on site to minimize any disruption. Vamos plus offers automatic identification of the anesthetic agent and dual agent display when two agents are used. Vamos plus can be configured to meet the following two specifications: – Anesthetic agents, CO2 and N2O – Anesthetic agents, CO2, N2O and SpO2 FLEXIBILITY The SpO2 option for the Vamos uses proven Nellcor® technology. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of pulse oximetry sensors and accessories. An optional battery backup is available for the Vamos, enabling the monitor to operate independently of the main power supply for at least an hour. INNOVATION At the heart of the Vamos is a new gas sensor developed by Dräger which incorporates the very latest in innovative microoptic technology. Because this sensor has no moving parts, it is particularly robust and reliable with just a small pump to maintain a constant flow of 200 mL/min for the sample gas. The sensor’s performance reflects Dräger’s core competence in infrared gas-detection technology with a design commitment to long-life components and quality. The latest innovation in gas measurement technology has been integrated in Vamos plus. Anesthetic agent measurement and dual agent gas measurement is now possible with Vamos plus. The Vamos anesthetic gas monitor is a compact, flexible solution to meet your respiratory gas monitoring needs. As your monitoring requirements change, the Vamos can be reconfigured to meet them, thereby reducing the risk of premature obsolescence. In addition to flexible design, the Vamos provides excellent long-term value through the use of the latest solid-state optical technology. MT-24206-2009 The Vamos can be configured to meet the following three specifications: – CO2 and SpO2 – Anesthetic agents, CO2 and N2O – Anesthetic agents, CO2, N2O and SpO2 D-24207-2009 Vamos/Vamos plus Anesthetic gas monitor Vamos plus

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Vamos/Vamos Plus - 2

VAMOS/VAMOS PLUS MT-24206-2009 02 | New Waterlock A SAFE INVESTMENT Vamos is much more than just a flexible, affordable monitor. Its design fits into the current working environment. A critical element of good monitoring is having the right information in the right place. The compact dimensions of the Vamos allow the monitor to be optimally positioned within the working field. The Vamos provides a clear financial advantage. By empowering the customer to configure the monitor with just those monitoring parameters that are needed, Vamos reduces the initial cost while providing a secure...

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Vamos/Vamos Plus - 3

VAMOS/VAMOS PLUS TECHNICAL DATA General specifications Measured parameters Gas measurement Rise time Principle of measurement Accuracy Sample flow rate CO2, N2O, 5 anesthetic agents SpO2 (Nellcor) breath to breath resolution < 500 ms (agents), < 350 ms (CO2) advanced infrared technology, sidestream sample principle as per ISO 21647 200 mL/min Display High-contrast amber electroluminescent display with excellent vertical and horizontal viewing angles. Display size 5" diagonal 4.25" x 2.28" (127 mm diagonal 108 x 58 mm) Graphic display of CO2 waveform Numeric display Fractional inspiratory...

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