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Drager For generations to come. DRAGER BABYLOG® VN500 Drager. Technology for Life

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neonatal care In the last two decades neonatal respiratory care has made giant strides forward. Consequently the benefits associated with advancements in care may also require a higher level of cognitive workload at the bedside.¹ Extremely low birth weight infants usually have longer stays in the NICU, and their families rely on you for continuous support and communication. Caring for such determined yet vulnerable patients is a heavy responsibility that requires tools, equipment and support to help ensure a positive patient outcome. M . Cvach, Monitor Alarm Fatigue: An Integrative Review,...

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Reliable technology based on Dräger innovation At Dräger, we believe a ventilation system should empower the bedside clinician by providing smart applications and monitoring tools to facilitate decisions. For more than 20 years, Babylog‘s family of ventilators have supported clinicians at the patient‘s bedside. Designing an effective neonatal ventilator requires the experience of knowledgeable bedside practitioners and neonatologists. The Babylog VN500 ventilator is the result of such expertise. With the Dräger Babylog VN500 ventilator, we offer you a complete solution for your neonatal and...

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Advancing Neonatal Ventilation Technology CONFIGURABLE USER INTERFACE AND MONITORING TOOLS –– Individual monitoring views that can be determined by the user –– tandardized, intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface S –– Online help including context-sensitive help functions –– xtended monitoring functions and smart data visualizations E DECISION-MAKING TOOLS THAT DECREASE COGNITIVE WORKLOAD –– Smart Pulmonary View provides a graphical display of the compliance and resistance, including spontaneous breathing –– rending, measured parameters, waveforms and loops T WORKSTATION...

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Customers Driven to Excellence Built on a solid foundation, the Dräger Babylog VN500 continues the heritage, offering tried-and-tested neonatal ventilation tools and technology that give you confidence as well as the family of your patient. Combining the latest ventilation technology with the possibilities of tomorrow – this is our commitment for generations to come. What our customers say Dr. Manuel Sánchez Luna, Spain ‘Knowing and interpreting the lung mechanics is essential in some situations during invasive mechanical ventilation, but sometimes understanding of the standard loops and...

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Flexible use almost anywhere in the hospital for up to six hours of independent ventilation thanks to external gas and power supplies. The transport supply unit for two gas cylinders and the bed facilitate easy patient transport. NEONATAL CARE ACCESSORIES Dräger accessories cover a wide range of products for thermoregulation and neonatal ventilation. Accessories like the BabyFlow plus allow customers to choose a system with an approved low-noise CPAP interface with a great variety of masks and prongs. Training BABYLOG VN500 PRODUCT TRAINER The product trainer is designed to support you in...

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CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Moislinger Allee 53–55 23558 Lübeck, Germany Manufacturer: Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Moislinger Allee 53–55 23558 Lübeck, Germany Locate your Regional Sales Representative at: 90 68 227 | 18.04-5 | KB | LL | Subject to modifications | © 2018 Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA

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